Being a young black man coming of age in America is hard and challenging. Shoutout to the big homie over at Epic Records Ray Daniels the Vice President of A&R/Raydar Family CEO for co-hosting an afternoon of mentorship and inspiration with 16-year old author Stone Erickson. The homies hosted a very candid conversation that deals with the challenges that black boys and men face day-to-day.

Check out the details below.

The Teen Talk for Boys was powered by the homies over at Kingsmen Media Group. The event started with 16 year-old Author Stone Erickson doing a Q&A about his personal experiences as a young man growing up and the inspiration behind his first novel “Black Angel”. Stone said,

“My mother showed me you don’t have to quit, you don’t have to give up!”

The the big homie music mogul Ray Daniels inspired the young men with his road to living the American dream despite his humble beginnings which included being poor and fatherless. Ray said,

“I decided to never be a victim. I own my failures and I own my success. Because I didn’t come from anything people didn’t expect me to amount to anything so I started working as if Bill Cosby was my father. People expect Bill Cosby’s son to be great!”

After the event was over each attendee received prizes that included signed copies of Stone Erickson’s “Black Angel”, a handheld Wii, and hats. This event was powered by Kingsmen Media Group.

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