Court documents suggest Drake is planning to make a ‘God’s Plan’ game show, according to reports. The rapper released the track earlier this year with a video that saw him give out nearly $1 million to strangers in Miami.

Now, TMZ have obtained court documents that show he has filed for a trademark for the phrase ‘God’s Plan’. The website claims he is planning on using the phrase for a range of things, including merchandise, marketing, promotion, music videos, audio recordings, and a TV game show.

At present, there are no further details on the format of the proposed game show or whether Drake would appear on it or have more of a behind-the-scenes role.

The ‘God’s Plan’ video has gained over 760 million views on YouTube since dropping in February. The track also appears on Drake’s latest album, ‘Scorpion‘, which was released earlier this summer (June 29).

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