Draya Michelle and Malaysia Pargo “Basketball Wives LA” are stopped by Power 105.1’sThe Breakfast Club, while they were in town for NYC’s fashion week.

The girls are currently on a promo run to promote the second season of the show, premiering on September 10th.  Yesterday morning, cast members Draya Michele and Malaysia Pargo chopped it up about the upcoming season of the show and why they decided to do another season.


Draya was asked about her relationship with Chris Brown and if she had ever been part of threesomes with him and his girlfriend Karrueche:


“To clear everything up, Chris and Karrueche are in a relationship. That is their relationship. I don’t play any parts in their relationship. There are no threesomes. Her and I are friends more than him and I are friends. Like we are cool but that’s my girl.”

Haunting rumors past came up as she was confronted with the question if she was ‘loose’.  As per theybf.com she responded with:


“I think a hoe is somebody that sleeps with everyone and anybody. I don’t think I’m considered a hoe no more. I don’t really got nobody [sic] in the last two or three years….No, you’re ho-ness can get deleted after a certain amount of time. … I’m in a total drought right now.”


Did she just say she used to be a hoe?????


For more watch the video here:


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