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EXCLUSIVE: Jesse Jackson’s Daughter Ashley Jackson Discusses Life as a Jackson and HOT NEW SINGLE ‘FLEEK’

IMG_1412 I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Ashley Jackson the youngest daughter of Civil Rights’ icon Rev. Jesse Jackson. With her last name this young woman has some huge footsteps to follow; Ashley is ready to step up to the challenge but to her own beat which involves rap, r&b, hip hop, and soul music coupled with a compelling message. Ashley Jackson is ready to present her world that involves positive tunes on FLEEK.


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Ashley Jackson is a vibrant young woman that’s passionate about music and telling colorful stories through her songs. Ashley Jackson is like so many young women across the country and world; she enjoys expressing herself, she writes, she paints, and she is passionate about sharing her thoughts. Unlike many young women, Ashley is apart of a tremendous legacy that involves giants from the civil rights movement, she grew up around iconic members of the highest echelons of politics, education, philanthropy, and social activism. Ashley Jackson is the youngest daughter of Rev. Jesse Jackson placing her right in the very heart of one of the most prominent political families of our day.  t

Ashley Jackson chatted candidly with me about her views that range from hip hop music to school and an intimate look at life as a Jackson. Ashley also known as AJae is a 16-year-old with tons of talent and she’s super excited about the release of her hot new single, “Fleek”. When asked about the tone and style of “Fleek”, AJae giggles with delight and shared that she channeled her inner Nicki Minaji to do the song and explain the power of being on “Fleek”.

Tell me about your hot new single “Fleek”. It’s very catchy and fun; what’s the inspiration behind “Fleek”?

Fleek is common vernacular! It’s what all the young people are saying. I wanted to create a fun dance song. This is a song to turn up on. It’s positive turn up music. I can dance to “Fleek” without offending my mom. I actually recorded “Fleek” in Atlanta. It’s about taking care of your business. Do good in school, do your job, be on top of your business, it’s so much more than material items. Fleek has a broader message about empowering women to do and be better!

How did you fall into music?

Music has always been apart of my life. i started doing ballet at 3 years old. I was active in musical theater and choir in middle school. I have always loved music and knew that i wanted to do something with the arts. My uncle Chuck (Jackson) is a song writer and he wrote “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” for Natalie Cole. I am a writer and a performer. I also paint too! I am very artisitc.

I had the opportunity to check out your first single “Just Do Me”. It’s a fun song with a positive message. Did you write this song because it feels personal?

I actually wrote “Just Do Me” when I was 12 years old. My mom and dad wasn’t sold on me pursuing music. But I was sold. I just wanted to do me! I wanted to be myself and I wanted to show them that I can incorporate their values into my music and make them proud.

Your dad is an icon in our community and your mom is a political scientist and a major powerhouse in education. I know that both of those professions tend to be very conservative. What are your parent’s thoughts about you pursuing music?

It took a long time to convince them. My mom took a very long time but once she saw how passionate I was about my music she couldn’t help but get on board. I had to prove myself to both of my parents. My grades are on FLEEK! My GPA is on FLEEK; can’t record an album without grades being on FLEEK!

You are so articulate and crystal clear about your goals and how you want to meet them. Can i ask what are your short-term goals as it relates to your career and pursuing higher education.

I am definitely going to college. I am currently looking at several schools including Superman, Howard, and Georgetown to name a few. I probably will declare my major as undecided but I am veering towards business as my discipline. I am getting real lessons on how to run my music career from the artistic side and business will probably help me expand my skill set and be more successful.


As a young woman in music what are your thoughts on Nicki Minaji’s brand of music? Also who are some of your musical influences?

I love Nicki Minaji. She’s branded in a certain way. I know that Nicki Minaji and Omeeka Minaji are two different people. She’s a great business woman and she inspires me to channel my inner Nicki.

I love Aaliyah, Alicia Keys (she’s a songwriter too), Jessie J, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, J Cole and Jay Z is the ultimate business man.

Do you feel like you have to restrict your voice and who you are because of your family’s legacy?

No! I feel it enhances my work. I have tons of songs. I can channel all kinds of music from politics to break ups. My family name is a lot to handle but it has never been a burden for me.

What do you like to do for fun? I see you are a cheerleader as well as a prolific artist.

I love painting and songwriting. I wrote my first song in the 6th grade in my ancient civilization class. I have so much music! I have been writing a long time.

It has truly been a pleasure chatting with you! How can we keep up with you and your music?

Thanks so much! You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @RealAjae & on Snapchat I am @AJAEPersonal

Y’all be sure to support Ashley Jackson and remember you get the chance to meet her here first at


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