Fabolous doesn’t think this is beef. He told DJ Clue of 105.1 that “this is a war on drugs”. We told you yesterday how Ray J went off on Fabolous on The Breakfast Club after an altercation at the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight. Well, Fabolous isn’t staying quiet either. He called up DJ Clue and let him know that in actuality…there was no fight.

 He told listeners that he and Ray J approached him at dinner and they made the situation light hearted. However, things took a spin when Fab was about to perform. He says that Ray J approached him and said that he wasn’t “feeling” the twitter jokes (yes, the sames one that they had laughed about in the above dinner) and goes on a rant talking about how “real” he is and how he has multiple cars, and girls by the pool, blah, blah, blah.

However, Fab says that while he they were talking, Ray J kept touching his shoulder and chest. Once Fab realized that Ray J was serious he told him to stop touching him. Fab says “From there he leaned back, and then he like pushed off me at my chest…When he pushed off of me I grabbed him up. There was no fight.”

Listen to the Fab’s side of the story below:

Who do yo believe? Was there a fight or was there not a fight? Ray J said some pretty tough things on the radio the other day. I’m glad Fabolous is taking this situation easy. What’s your opinion on this beef?


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