Floyd Mayweather Jr. just got out of jail and back on his Money Team trail, but he can’t seem to stay out of trouble.  He was released from jail on August 3rd after serving two months of a three month sentence for domestic battery with one of his baby moms.  Well, last week the police were called when a woman whose address matches that of Melissa Brim’s reported a “verbal altercation” with Mayweather reports, The Las Vegas Report Journal.Brim is the mother of one of Mayweather‘s daughters and she has had two previous domestic altercations with him. One of those incidents in 2002 he pled guilty to two counts of domestic battery.

The LVRG states:

After the argument, Mayweather fled with at least one of the unidentified victim’s personal possessions…Officers went to the home, which is owned by a Mayweather company, PMG Sinclair LLC, and found no signs of physical violence, police spokeswoman Laura Meltzer said. A Mayweather associate later returned the victim’s possessions, and the victim declined to press charges, Meltzer said.

In other Floyd Mayweather Jr. news, according to Yahoo! Sports, he has been ordered to pay $113,000 to Manny Pacquiao in legal fees from a defamation lawsuit. Pacquiao was awarded the amount from U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks because Mayweather missed several court dates.  He was served papers multiple times, but has filed motions to delay the process and has given excuses for not being able to attend the court proceedings.

Pacquiao has said that he is avoiding court because he is, “too busy living the luxurious lifestyle non-stop.” The lawyers fees for Pacquaio are $695 and $495 an hour, and the court found that the $113,518.50 plus an additional $774.10 were “reasonable“ amounts in legal fees that Floyd Mayweather Jr. must now pay.

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