20 year old Ryan Brunn was found unresponsive in his jail cell about 4:15pm on yesterday 1/19/2012 at the Jackson County Prison. An apparent suicide.

On the 17th of January Ryan was sentenced to life without parole in a Georgia courthouse after describing how he lured 7yr old victim into an apartment complex and raped her.


He said he was afraid she was going to tell her parents so he cut her.


When she didn’t die instantly he beat her and then stabbed her and threw her body into a dumpster where she was found the next day.


SMH! “On Thurs Dec 8, 2011 murder suspect Ryan Brunn (right) on above photo sits with attorney in a Cherokee county at his first court appearance.”

The parents of the girl now feel justified because now his parents understand how they feel to have a loss. This is crazy this dude moved from Gwinnett County to Cherokee No PRIOR records. Got himself a Maintenance Man Job all up on facebook chitchating and carrying on with friends.

Next thing you know he is the apartment slayer. PARENTS!!! Please be super careful with these kids in these apts. No matter how well you think you know neighbors or how safe you think your apt complex is. WOW!


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