I would HATE to be the person to see my exes become BFFs! However, there is one person who knows exactly how that feels….Rihanna! Bad girl RiRi finally speaks out about Chris Brown and Drake’s new found friendship.

Check out the details below!

It is shocking to see how calm Rihanna is being now that her long time on (now OFF) beaux, Chris Brown, and ex-boyfriend Drake are becoming bestie! In fact, most people would have been a little concerned to see this happen?! But apparently, this is not a problem for the Barbadian singer.

A source close to RiRi spills the tea about how she is “happy” that the two exes are playing well with each other! She has moved on and thinks nothing of their friendship.

“She is not angry that they are working together,” the source told to They further explained how “she is actually happy she wasn’t made the butt of any jokes or jabs though.” Which leads us to move to the 2014 ESPY Awards!

Apparently, the “Man Down” singer had a “spy” at this year’s ESPYs. She had someone watch on her behalf to make sure she was not being talked or joked about.

She definitely had people watching the ESPYs on her behalf to see if she would have been called out on or joked on by Drake. She made sure to have the show watched so she could respond to anything that was done.

Hmmmm…I am not sure about this one!? She is too calm for me! We can only hope that there is a genuineness behind her feelings towards Chris and Drake’s new bromance. What do you think?

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