Akon had some thoughts on Jay Z and Beyonce’s relationship and the public’s fascination.

Check out what he had to say below.

Jay Z and Beyonce has everybody speculating on their marriage including R&B star Akon who says the fact they have always kept their relationship private is the real issue.

Akon was in D.C. Monday and was candid about Bey and Jay’s celebrity relationship status. He says that the public view the two as a business more than a real relationship. He discuss that famous people should be a little more open and candid about their relationships with their fans. If you speak on things you get rid of speculation and gossip.

Akon goes on to say that their relationship being in the news can do one or two things. It can make or break them; all relationships have ups and downs. Will they have the fortitude to stand the pressure?

He also says that it should make for honest and fresh music that people will be able to relate to and enjoy.

Check out Akon’s candid interview with TMZ.

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