Rumors have been floating around that B.E.T.’s favorite after school video show, 106 n Park is coming to an end.  See what Stephen Hill had to say about them…

After the announcement back in May that hosts of 106 n Park Terrance J and Rocsi were leaving the show to purse other ventures, rumors began to move around that the show itself was coming to an end.  They suggested that instead of looking for new hosts, the network was leaving the show on a hight note.


As per, T.V. executive Stephen Hill had this to say about it, on Wednesday evening:

Its good that he cleared this up because after a 12 year run it would be a shame to lose one of the only shows on television that still plays music videos.

Terrance J of the show is leaving in may and will be joining the E! News team and taking on new challenges there. For more on this story click here

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