Ja Rule Get His High School Diploma in Jail

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Ja Rule incarceratedhas been making good use of his time behind bars in New York and has now earned his high school diploma.


EURweb is reporting: The artist, real name Jeffrey Atkins, began serving a two-year prison sentence on weapons and tax evasion charges in June.


He dropped out of high school as a teenager to pursue his rap career, but he has now finally received his equivalency degree after passing his GED exam.


Ja Rule says he got a little help with his studies from a fellow inmate – Dennis Kozlowski, a college-educated former business CEO.


“I was studying for my GED and Koz came in and talked to me and said, ‘If you need any help, let me know.’ Outside (of prison), you don’t meet guys like this every day. This place is amazing,” Atkins tells the New York Daily News. Ja Rule will be taking college-level courses later this month. The star, who is due to walk free in June 2013, is now looking to further his studies – he plans to begin taking college courses later this month. Fans can look forward to picking up Ja’s seventh studio album at the
end of this month.  ”Pain is Love 2″ is due in stores on February

People remember its never to late!!!

3 Comments to “Ja Rule Get His High School Diploma in Jail”

  1. nece says:

    That’s great! Prison has helped him changed for the better

  2. Nikki757 says:

    Keep your head up Jeff…You are a cool person indeed…

  3. sasja says:

    I just love his story, its so positive to hear about him better him self in jail!.Keep up the faith , cuss once your out the world is gonna watch if it was act or for real.I hope he means it , cuss he will inspire others like him too do it as well.. it is really never to late & he proves it well done …ja rule !.

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