Jim Jones FINALLY Proposes To Long Time Girlfriend Chrissy

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Jim Jones finally puts a ring on it.  Just in time for the premiere of  VH1′s series “Love & Hip Hop” season 2.  The cast wrapped up the taping of season 2 in Miami a few weeks back. Jim Jones used this time to finally propose to his long-time girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin, who’s been dating rapper Jim Jones for seven years. As some may know “Mama Jones” despised this union and did not hold any of her feelings back.  Well, when Mama is away the child will play. Jim finally broke down and proposed to Chrissy.  On Friday, November 11th,  a few members of cast held a press dinner and Season 2 preview screening in New York.  Chrissy’s left hand is a little heavy due to the platinum and diamonds decorated on her left ring finger.


Chrissy is a good catch because the she brings drama which leaves little room for the Baby Mothers who are inevitably in the picture. If this isn’t love please tell me what it is.


“Love & Hip-Hop” creator Mona Scott-Young, said Jim and Chrissy are amazing. I think that their relationship speaks to so many young couples out there that come from this Hip Hop generation that are finding a new way to be a family; making a new definition of what family is. And I think that a lot of people can relate to their family dynamic. Young is currently looking at other cities as she plans to expand the brand. “I also am looking at other cities. I’m looking at other ladies,” she stated.


This season will be full of entertainment and I am definitely tuning in tonight for the premiere of season two on VH1.



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32 Comments to “Jim Jones FINALLY Proposes To Long Time Girlfriend Chrissy”

  1. Sassy Kassy says:

    All I can say is about damn time….what was he waiting on?

  2. Demetria says:

    Dang……so when they stop tapping he would do this Congrads you too …could there be a spin-off just about your love life/wedding

  3. Nene says:

    Mama Jones will NOT be pleased with that.

  4. ChanNTexas says:

    I love them together…congrats!

  5. stacy says:

    This women had to beg this man to marry her because she feel they are together for seven years. this man is a wanabe thug who dont have a career or hits and she thinking of married. what am i missing here.Why do people get so caught up in this brainwashed thought that if u dont get married your life is not completed. thats why there are so much divorced going on because people believed they are going to be in a fairytale marriage until the real world faced them and they r ready to end it.

  6. jazzie bell says:

    i like their kinda love, maybe he waited to get his whoring out before he wanted to really be a husband. I think it was a smart move. Mama Jones gone beat him like harpo!

  7. Shante says:

    That doesnt mean the wedding will actually happen….hell lala and melo were enaged for 6 years!….

  8. Ateya says:

    I love these two…I am cheering for you guys. Keep god first and its all good. God Bless ♥

  9. Bliss says:

    I love their love! It doesn’t matter about his profession or the divorce rate. You can NOT measure your life off statistics. Its admiral that Chrissy elected marriage prior to children. Love and Happiness is a beautiful thing. ☺

  10. Loislane313det says:

    Love is a beautiful thing…..however I wonder how many jump offs did ahe wreck like she did last night. Str8 smashed her…u will not disrespect ppl

  11. Sweetcarmelgrl says:

    Good for Chrissy!

  12. BlackBeauty says:

    I’m happy for them….I’m Team Chrissy all day. Not a fan of Jim Jones though. If you love something enough fight for it….and she did so CONGRATS TO CHRISSY & JIM…the big question is when will the marriage take place???

  13. Dannichickflygirl says:

    Eh. Hope they’re preparing for the MARRIAGE and NOT JUST the WEDDING. So many chicks wanna rawk the rang and plan for the wedding, but they don’t know how to handle the marriage and all it entails.

  14. SHEILA says:


  15. D says:

    Jimmy don’t do it, she’s not the woman for u

  16. jerri malone says:

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CHRISSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WISH SHE WAS ONE OF MY SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Tegwest says:

    According to the Chrissy hand book when was Kim suppose to deliver the news to Emily since the world revolves around Chrissy’s rules? Chrissy problem is she needs an outlook and a career that will mold her into a professional woman, she think she has the right words and displays the right actions by bullying people around. I get her principal but she need to let go of the angry black woman syndrome. She will get a reality check eventually because not everyone is going to fall under the Chrissy’s manipulative spell. Get over yourself Chrissy and re-evaluate the woman in the mirror and ask yourself why am I insecure and demand so much unnecessary respect, make your own child to man handle but at the same time if you want respect you have to give it, I heard Chrissy say “shut the Fu*k up” and disrespected Yandy on numerous occasions but if it was the other way around all hell would break loose… hypocrite. I think she is lacking something and trying to fill a void. Her number is up and so is her time. Stop taking everything so personal especially when its not your problem. Nobody owes you anything, not even a lil bit. Tacky wacky sensitive chick and Emily played Chrissy like the sucker she is, cause she did her dirty work stupid! The only power Chrissy has is Jimmy, she is a nobody! Congrat on proposal.

  18. Tianna says:

    I think that Chrissy and a Jim Jones are not a good representation of what “love” is. I dont think in any situation should Chrissy be labeled as a good representation of anything. The only thing she is showing young people is how to be a ghetto hood rat. She’s loud, immature and unaccomplished. What is she known for? Being with J.J or being this “typical angry black woman” character. Congrats on finally getting engaged black love is beautiful, but she is not a good representation of anything. She’s one of the women who make it so hard for every other black woman to get the respect and out of the stereotype for other women.

  19. RETROKIDD84 says:

    Yo real talk Chrissy is a real person and shebelieves that she found true love in Jimmy she said what she said but she was crying at the same time she meant that.my man Jimmy might be scared bout getting married which is normal when they ask us to marry that means they truly love us and were their Mr.RIGHT real talk we should feel the same.

  20. catina howard says:

    i so love what teg west said……

  21. Phlishy says:

    So, “Chrissy is a good catch because the she brings drama which leaves little room for the Baby Mothers who are inevitably in the picture.” Well, that’s about Right!! I guess that IS ALL she has to offer, aside from Hands and a lotta LIP! IF Jim KNEW BETTER he’d DO BETTER! He’s just trying to get a Season 3!! REMEMBER he IS a HUSTLER!! And can’t get a REAL RECORD DEAL to save his life. This is ALL they’ve GOT! Their lives are so unstable it’s sickening, up and down, up and down. After this, they’re pretty much DONE. Don’t spend it all on Rings & Louboutins, Dummies!!!

  22. Phlishy says:

    I second TegWest as well. I wish people would stop dishing out glory to these Minority Slugfests, they just make us Look Bad. Which is probably why they keep growing and growing. You can’t say the behavior displayed has no influence on all of these kids rioting everywhere. Why is the world ignoring the Monster they’re creating, we’re ALL going to catch the Wrath eventually. This needs to END NOW!

  23. Molinda says:

    hope his lawyer drew up the TIGHEST Pre-Nump, this wild child can NOT be TRUSTED!

  24. London says:

    Congrats Jim & Chrissy, I pray God blesses your union & Momma Jones has a change of heart because U are an AMAZING couple…Shake the haters off & keep it moving

  25. fab_bella says:

    Good for them! I really like Chrissy, despite her way of handling certain situations. We all make mistakes, and Jim seem like he really loves her. I don’t think she had to beg him to propose, I think she just had to do a little motivating. He was going to marry her anyway.

  26. 2-Sweet says:

    Marriage is over-rated. I don’t think that being married makes a relationship better, it doesn’t guarantee the relationship will last longer either. I don’t know why people are in such a rush to get married. I mean as long as the man commits to you and only you, I believe that is good enough.

  27. rossi says:

    Man that B.S. CRISSY ok! but that fool should have invested in surgeon for that ugly ass mole on her face.
    Also im glad he at least gave her ass a job, cause she is such a HATER and try to stop every body money that’s on the grind from the spanish chick that was trying to work with Jim now his manager Yandy. But i noticed she wont get stupid with certain chicks only the girly 1′s cause I know YANDY would as she said RAG TAG that ass! lol

    She think Jim aint like Fab she stupid as hell! he smashin brawds allday!

  28. WHOISU says:




  29. dee says:

    well as for those who think that jimmy and chrissy is an example for youn artist well 1st you have to be a artist to earn that title he can’t rap and if a lady have to ask a man to marry her and she’s been with him for 7yrs. maybe it’s not time yet or in this case he only see her for a good piece of p—-. NO CONGRATS. NOT A HATER JUST A REAL WOMEN. WAKE UP LADIES DON’T LET THIS FAKE REALITY SHOW TEACH YOU HOW TO GET WHAT YOU NEED

  30. Shay says:

    I love chrissy nd jim jones they perfect for eachother and they make a great couple.Yandi need to stop talking about money thats y chrissy dont like her she money hungry might as well be a stripper nd emily shes great persin but need to let go of fab

  31. thandi says:

    Ladies – this is exactly what not to do. Yes eventually he asked her to marry him but it was forced. 7 years is a long time to educate any man that its time.

  32. Cynthia says:

    After 7 years…..He still isnt ready for marriage. dont think Jim Jones is ready for marriage. Chrissy pressured Jim into marrying her, now what? Within those 7 years of being his gf did she do anything to upgrade herself? Did she go back to school? Go out and get a job? No she laid around waiting for his fat of the lamb. Look Chrissy you are 40 something and now you are picturing this big picture of the big house, picket fence, and the new baby…….Whoa, none of the above sweety. Soon as you arent able to give him that blessed little junior, we will find out down the road that he now has a love child with a younger and smarter then you woman who wont pressure him.

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