Kandi Burruss was celebrated by her alma mater Tri Cities High School and now November 14 will forever be Kandi Day. Kandi showed up and showed out for the students of her alma mater and showered gifts and opportunities of a lifetime for students to experience her forthcoming stage play Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker Presents: A Mother’s Love.

Kandi was accompanied by her boo Todd; she also brought celebrity friends D. Woods formerly of Danity Kane and Celebrity Choreographer Victor to enhance the Kandi Day experience.


Kandi LOVES the KIDS!

Check out the details below!

Tri-Cities High School has a long and prestigious reputation for having successful graduates that include the members of Xscape, Outkast, and SNL’s Kenan Thompson. Kandi Burruss was celebrated by her alma mater that’s a prestigious performance arts magnet school in Atlanta Georgia.


Kandi was ecstatic to come back to her school and she came out in a very big way. The busy boss, mother, musician, tv star, stage play director, and future wife took some time off from her duties to celebrate with the students of Tri-Cities. Various news outlets was on campus to capture the Kand Day moments. Her future husband Todd stood proudly as Kandi showered gifts of tickets and opportunities to her celebrity studded stage play to the students of Tri-Cities. Kandi also took a moment to give words of wisdom to the captivated audience. Kandi also granted two students with internship opportunities that a walk-on role in the stage play and the other an opportunity to work in production.


Like I said Kandi Burruss LOVES the KIDS!


Can you imagine the excitement that the students had when they learned that the Kandi Burruss was coming to talk to them, grant gifts, and opportunities of a lifetime?


Kandi asked me to come by and capture the good times and I was more than happy to oblige. You all know I love me some Kandi!

Congrats to Kandi on getting her very own Kandi Day. It was definitely a memorable day for the students of Tri-Cities High School.

Check out the fun we had below.

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