The worry over Katherine Jackson’s whereabouts on the part of her grandchildren may not have been unfounded. In new court documents, the 82-year-old Jackson matriarch reveals she was unaware that she had been reported missing or that the children of her late son, singer Michael Jackson, were trying to contact her while she was away at an Arizona spa resort. While Katherine publicly denied that some of her adult children had “kidnapped” her when she resurfaced after a ten-day absence last week, she says in a declaration she had planned to take a road trip to New Mexico to see her sons in concert and wound up in Arizona instead, after a doctor suggested she take a plane.
Katherine says an iPad was taken away from her upon her arrival to the resort and that the telephone in the room was not working.


She says she only found out through a TV broadcast at the resort that she had been reported missing and had no idea her grandchildren were trying to contact her.


Katherine’s absence resulted in a judge awarding temporary guardianship of the children to her 34-year-old grandson TJ Jackson.


On Thursday, the judge reinstated Katherine as the children’s permanent guardian.


Another hearing on August 22nd will determine whether TJ will also be named as a permanent guardian.

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