The beautiful Kerry Washington is winning in life and business. As the heroine on ABC’s Scandal it’s sometimes easy to believe that Kerry Washington is a lot like her character Olivia Pope all-knowing and an engine that don’t need any help EVER. Kerry helped to dispel that myth by sharing she gets advice from her BFF Reese Witherspoon on business and she helps the star to SHINE!

Check out the details below.

During the 2016 Oscars Red Carpet Experience Kerry Washington shared with Ryan Seacrest her friendship with fellow actress Reese Witherspoon. Kerry confides that she gets advice and exchange ideas with the veteran star. She says,

As it turns out, Kerry went to the A-list actress recently for some guidance on a very important matter.

“It was a business deal. “She’s such an extraordinary business woman and I was working on a deal and wanted her insight about what may be right for me. What I should be asking for? “We share a lawyer too so that’s helpful.”

Kerry is doing some great things and we can’t help but be happy for the starlet.

She looked gorgeous on the red carpet but we don’t expect anything less.

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