We’re not sure on the exact details of what went down between Kevin and Torrei Hart but she claims that she lived “The Diary of a Mad Black Woman” almost “scene by scene”. Find out her empowering message to women inside and her new parody video of Beyonce inside.

She didn’t bad mouth Kevin but she did let it be known that there was probably some drama stating, “I could go into detail about extra-marital affairs, and other problems that many American couples have but I won’t”. Hmm…makes us wonder did Kevin cheat? Torrei seems to be taking the classy road (which she should because she got $175K) and said, “As a woman, I respect the privacy of our union together, but I am disheartened by the way things turned out”. We are too.

However, it was her message for women that caught our attention. While most of the media is making this to be something negative Torrei Hart is finding the positive for all women.

I, Torrei Hart, will be a pillar for hundreds of thousands of women who are afraid to live life after their wealthy and/or powerful husbands. Women are too often defined by the pocket-size of their “pocket-sized” husbands, and we need more positive role-models that show women we can work and hold our own.

Well alright then! She’s letting the world know, don’t let your significant other define you! Show that you are worthy through your work. We can appreciate that.

On a brighter note, check out her latest funny video that makes fun of Beyonce! Chick has talent!

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