Word on the street is Keyshia Cole is pissed and said to be beefing with her husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson, who allegedly made her fire her manager, one of my mentors and homies Manney.

Sources say the R&B singer has fired up to eight managers since giving Manney Halley walking papers.


Apparently, Daniel,  is on leave from the Cleveland Cavaliers due to an injury, and was bitter about Keyshia’s success and love for Manny, Gibson ordered her to fire the manager that turned her career into a money-maker(almost 2 years ago now).


Keyshia has been in a tail spin since she fired Manny.

She did it because Booby had a problem with how close they were and the success he had brought her,” a source told MouthToEars.

“She put it off on the label but it was Booby all along. Now Keyshia cant put out a hit or get a magazine to save her life. She is going back to the formula Manny created by doing the show (A long with James DuBose). She is hoping that the show will help her fans fall in love again to sell albums. This is the same person who SWORE to never do reality again.”

Yo I have to say at first I was not going to post the story but I was told “Fuck it” #win.

Manney is a great person who work his AS$ off.


Manney is currently on the road with Nicki Minaj helping manege her, and he also owns several businesses in LA that are doing very well…


I can remember when I was fired from my JOB, Manney told me,  “don’t worry kid when he closes one door, many others will open”… and he was so right … Back to the story …

Keyshia go get Manney tell him you love him and you sorry and start back winning… Loyalty is everything, REMEMBER… You told me that...

P.S. Just so yall know Keyshia was winning and getting all these blessing’s when she was in ATLANTA and around a team of people that loved her, lets be very clear… Its something bout this city (ATL)… Keyshia come back we miss you!!!


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