Great news the singer Lauryn Hill is out of prison.

Check out the details below.

Friday brought a whole new meaning of T.G.I.F. As of Friday, the ex-Fugee member is now an ex-con with an ‘Ex-Factor’.  The Federal Correctional Facility of Danbury, Connecticut has released Ms.Hill after a three month bid on tax evasion. So that none of you are not ‘miseducated’, tax evasion is failure to report taxable income.

Lauryn had been incarcerated ever since July 8, 2013 after comparing paying her due taxes to ‘modern day slavery’. Owing more than 1.8 million in earnings between 2005 and 2007. We all watched the home girl as she went through many ordeals in life and handled them as if ‘Nothing Even Matters’. However, she has since then made substantial amounts of payments towards her fines.

Meanwhile, I am sure that Micah Hill, Joshua, John, Selah, Zion and Sarah Marley are ecstatic that their mother is returning home.Which her 6 children were left in the care of their father Rohan Marley. Listen out for Ms. Hill’s new released single, ‘Consumerism’. Sounds like the once “Sister Act” actress is getting her act together.

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