Mimi Faust’s boyfriend  Nikko has been spotted with a mystery woman in a hotel room and chilling at the romantic Chateau Elan with said woman.

Learn more about her here!

Our home girl Mimi can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to love. We last reported that Mimi was looking happy and well with her boyfriend Nikko. Well we have received pictures and information about a new woman in Nikko’s life. What is really going on you might be asking yourself. Well meet the new lady in Nikko’s life!


We learned from our sources that Nikko has been spending his quality time with Kezia Eley a.k.a. “Ms. Own It Majeure” an up and coming reality show star. This up and coming star refers to herself as a modern-day Josephine Baker as she cuddled with Nikko approximately 4 weeks ago in an Atlanta hotel room.


Kezia has big thangs popping in her love life and tv; she is developing a reality series called “First Cousins“. She’s going to be featured on “Get Rich Girls” too!

Ms. Own It Majeure seems to be on her grind from what we can tell!


In addition to being a woman about her hustle she seems to be very much in LOVE!

Check out her loving posts on Instagram to her boo Nikko:



Looks and sounds like a repeat performance of Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez for our home girl Mimi!

Fans had comments for Mimi. Check it out:


We will let keep you posted on this evolving story involving our home girl Mimi Faust, Nikko, and Ms. Own It Majeure. 

What do you think about this “love” sighting?

What advice do you have for Mimi?

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