Lil’ Flip has not stopped fighting for allegedly driving illegally with an assault rifle in his car. He also allegedly had marijuana in the car too. Yesterday he plead ‘not guilty’ to both possession charges. lil-flip-mugshot

TMZ reports Flip was pulled over for speeding on Christmas in Louisiana. He was placed under arrest when the police claimed they found marijuana in his car and a AR-15 rifle. He was charged with possession of a firearm and possession of a schedule 1 narcotic aka weed and speeding. He plead ‘not guilty’ to all of the counts in court yesterday.


Flip has since the beginning planned to fight the charges. He states that the rifle is 100% legal. He showed his concealed handgun license to prove it. Flip said what was claimed to be weed was actually just Black & Mild cigars.

Next trial date is set for April 2013.

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