Did you know our home girl Mimi Faust is involved in another Love Triangle? I got a very interesting email last night right after Love and Hip Hop Atlanta went off.

Check it out!

We have some very interesting news about Mimi Faust and her ex-boyfriend Nikko.

Check out the email I received last night:

 Hey Freddy O,

My name is Ms. Own It Majeure.

For those who don’t understand my name means I own everything I touch. As far as Nikko go we are what we are and what we need to be when we need to be it.

I want Mimi  Faust to learn her value because I have known mine from birth. I am a force majeure.  And for those who can’t comprehend again that is an unexplainable act of God. And you will see me in full majeureisim on my new reality show “First Cousins” produced by my brother Rasheed Rahan Wonder coming soon.

As far as all the speculation about Ralo Wonder and his many companies, and businesses. He comes from the school of the legendary Big Joe (Joe Robinson) a pioneer, trendsetter and CEO of Sugar Hill Records. The shit he knows they don’t teach in Harvard. We are independent around here and don’t have to run to networks and labels to get funding for projects. Either its straight out his pockets or the investors he has made so much money with that they invest in anything he ask them to. He’s a wonder not a regular and we don’t do regular shit around here.

Fuck around and he might reinvent the wheel. And as for K. Michelle calling my boy Nikko gay. You carpet munching Bullwinkle moose face buffalo Bookman butt bitch (in my JJ voice.) LOL you must have been eating carotided coochie because from what I hear your breath smells like you’ve been drinking shit water. I bet 4 out of 5 flies prefer your mouth to shit. How u trying to be an R&B singer and you got a mouth of a dirty rapper and a mind of a mouse bitch! Not even enough class to be my minion.

Now come for me bitch and you will be sent back in a return to sender envelope. Bitch you aren’t built for this blizzard, I’m the whole package, I got swagger je ne sais quoi and the ambiance of Allah and Allah is god so I’m a goddess signing off Ms. Own it Majeure with the allure like the Champs – Élysées decor need I say more.

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