Mac Miller’s record company says they’re standing behind the Pittsburgh rapper when it comes to his legal battle with Lord Finesse. The hip-hop veteran filed a lawsuit against Miller earlier this month claiming he illegally sampled his song “Hip 2 Da Game” for the newcomer’s 2010 viral hit “Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza.” Now, Rostrum Records — which is also being sued by Finesse — is making it clear that Miller never pretended the beat in question was his. The label explains in a statement that Lord Finesse was given credit on the “Kool Aid” video as well as the “K.I.D.S.” mixtape it ended up on. Furthermore, they say the song has never been distributed for sale on iTunes, and they’ve worked hard to make sure it was never sold illegally via any other outlet.

Rostrum Records is also questioning Lord Finesse’s timing. They note that the rapper has known about “Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza” “for a long time and never objected to the use,” but “for some reason” very recently decided to change his mind. Finesse is suing for ten-million-dollars in federal court in Manhattan.

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