MC Hammer says that he’s the true king of rap in his new video “Better Run Run”. Hammer tweeted earlier that he believes Jay-Z really is a Devil worshiper and wanted to expose him on Halloween night. The beef started when Jay-Z poked fun at Hammer saying:

“And Hammer went broke so you know I’m more focused / I lost $30 Mill so I spent another $30 ’cause unlike Hammer $30 Mill can’t hurt me” on Kanye’s track “So Appalled.”

MC Hammer responded by tweeting, “The answer to Jay comes on Oct 31 (Devils Nite)…I saw him coming…#kinghammer..” Here’s the video and pictures:

In the video Hammer “sheds light” on Jay’s alleged affiliation with the Illuminati. Hammer even goes as far as baptizing the fake Jay-Z. Just so yall know Jay-Z has shot down all rumors several times about his Illuminati affiliation.

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