Michael Jackson Ordered Me To Kill His Brother Randy

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A former bodyguard for Michael Jackson is painting a murderous and maniacal picture of the late pop star in a new interview with “The Sun.” Matt Fiddes tells the British newspaper the Michael Jackson he knew was a paranoid extremist who once ordered his bodyguards to kill his younger brother Randy. Fiddes says Michael was at war with his brothers for years as they desperately tried to get him to sign a multi-million-dollar deal for a Jackson 5 reunion tour.

He says things reached a boiling point when Randy once tried to force his way past Michael’s bodyguards to speak to the pop star at one of his rented homes.


That’s when, Fiddes tells “The Sun,” Michael ordered them to shoot Randy.


No one of course took Jackson’s order seriously as Fiddes noted he believed Michael to “out of his mind on drugs” at the time.


Fiddes has been sharing bizarre details about his alleged experiences with the late singer to “The Sun” for a while now, although no one seems to be able to back up his stories.


He told the paper last week that Michael despised Madonna and poked a voodoo doll of director Steven Spielberg. Jackson’s estate also has yet to comment on Fiddes’ claims.

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3 Comments to “Michael Jackson Ordered Me To Kill His Brother Randy”

  1. Bliss says:

    This story is a waste of ink!! I didn’t even read this trash! Leave Micheal alone!! And NO this is NOT news.

  2. Ms Jessica says:

    I can possibly see that, Michael sitting there all pissed and shit, wig off, his true nigga hair running a muck. Then randy’s funny looking ass starts pissing him off, begging for money so he tells his guards to shoot him in the face, in a soft Michael voice of course. Yep, I can see it now. But hey, shit happens.

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