Michael Jackson’s Daughter Says He Didn’t Sing On “Michael”

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The credibility of the previously unheard Michael Jackson songs on the singer’s posthumous release “Michael” is being called into question again — this time by the King of Pop’s daughter. According to TMZ, Paris Jackson claims the voice on the album actually belongs to MJ sound-alike Jason Malachi. Paris reportedly revealed the news during an online chat with friends in 2010. The conversation, which was recorded, took place amidst rumors Malachi provided the vocals for “Michael,” but both he and Sony have consistently denied the reports. TMZ says the video is currently being shopped around to several media outlets.

During the chat, Paris reportedly plays the song “Hold My Hand,” and one of her friends asks why her father’s voice sounds different. Paris says it’s because it isn’t really Michael’s voice, adding that she should know since he sang to her all the time.

25 Comments to “Michael Jackson’s Daughter Says He Didn’t Sing On “Michael””

  1. [...] 10px; -moz-border-radius:10px 10px 10px 10px; } #infscr-loading img { margin: 0 0 0 0; } HP Paris Claims Michael Jackson Didn't Sing on 'Michael' Paris Claims Michael Jackson Didn't Sing on 'Michael' Before They Were Famous: [...]



  3. Dubya says:

    That girl is not his daughter. Why doesn’t she admit that!

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  5. Akeem says:

    I believe it! And what does her being his biological child have to do with her telling the truth. Those kids have been with Michael since BIRTH. At the end of the day those are his kids. Comments like that disrespect children who have been adopted. Michael loved those kids & they loved him. They were all each other knew SOOOOOOO they’re his kids!!

    Plus it wasn’t hard to tell that the cd was just a hastily thrown together Effort to squeeze some milk outta the MiJac cash cow. Deal with it.

  6. tracy says:

    That girl looks like his daughter, she does not look 100% white

  7. Zhana Saunders says:

    ok I heard this statement before and I also heard the voice of the guy who people are saying it is (his imitator) and this does sound like Michael. The so called imitator does not even come close to sounding like this.

    Paris could not possibly know everything about Michael because I do feel that much of his personal life was private even to them. In fact, they knew nothing about many aspects of his life.

    So that being said. She is a little girl with very limited information of the magnitude of who her father really was. I’m sure she really loved him dearly however, ..How many parents share everything about their lives to their children…..Um maybe 5% in fact most children know very little about what their parents do especially when they go off to work.

    So she could not know every session he went to.. She was sheltered from so much. From what I heard there were so many songs he recorded and never released who knows if they are still waiting to be released. THat is what we artists do we record tons of stuff that sometimes never gets heard until someone pull them out of the vault and says…..this song still sounds good why dont I release it.

  8. sandra v says:

    the girl has no reason to lie


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  9. ange says:

    His daughter looks like jared leto!

  10. JJ says:

    first off i do beleive that is MJ daughter mayb jus thrgh surrgoant they jus used MJ sperm…….. but weather he adpoted them or not THOSE ARE HIS KIDS SOOO STOP HATIN!!!!!!!!!!! PARENT IS WHO RAISED U WEATHER THEY BIRTH U OR NOT!!!!!!!! I HAVE FAMILY MEM THAT WAS ADOPTED and lik he said his parents are WHO RAISED HIM AND LOVED HIM AND TEACH HIM RIGHT FROM WRONG!!!! and i do beleive Paris she would know if that was HER dads voice!

  11. herc says:

    she’s right i kno mj’s voice & noone shouldn’t deny tht she is michaels child she has his facial structure

  12. Lee Ani says:

    People are so dumb. Don’t you know that all creation came from Black folks? That Black people can make all 32 shades of other black people. Have you seen Lionel Richie’s kids and other biracial kids? Paris does not look white, she looks biracial! Dugh!

  13. Jared Robinson says:

    People are so dumb. Dont you know Lionel Richie’s “popular child” was adopted? the value of 32 sounds like what 5 per centers teach x 2 and you believed it.

  14. tellitlikeitis says:

    This girl is ugly and looks like the doctor with her big ears and the other kids too. Bobbi kristina is pretty.

  15. CS says:

    I don’t believe this for a second!

  16. MYL says:

    First, Hold my Hand was leaked and played often on the radio at least a year before Michael died. I heard it many times and he certainly would have released a statement if it was not him. Second, on Paris’ twitter she states she did not say the whole cd was fake only some of the songs and Hold My Hand was not one of them. His nephews also claim some of the songs are not him. Hold My Hand was not one of them. Hold my Hand does sound like Michael and is Michael and it was played many times before he died. I have heard the sound alike and there are instances where he sounds like Michael but not good enough to be considered to be Michael. You can simply google him and listen to his songs. He is an imitator like many others.

  17. John Howard says:

    Paris is really starting to get herself out in the media too fast and honestly that song was leaked in 08 so why Mike lie about that. Also would she have a movie role this quick if Michael was alive? I think not! And would she have a twitter account?! Again I think not! This is just another typical case of the teenage girl who thinks she knows everything

  18. Emelio sanders says:

    I feel the same way some songs are Michael and some aint hold my hand is Michaels voice but the ones teddy Riley did I think he got the imposter to finish some tracks mike didnt want

  19. Emelio sanders says:

    I also feel if you take a kid in or raise them from birth they are yours but sadly I dont think mike is the biological father so it hurts the black comunity to see him have all white kids and he even use to die his son prince hair blond when he was little I whish he would have did like brad and Angelina and had kids from all races and dont only come running back to the black community when u get in trouble

  20. Jo Gamble says:

    My comment is since Paris believes that her father did not sing that part of the song because he sang it too have often, then she needs to believe that she is not Michael’s biological child not one of the children carry his blood. Be he believe that looking at his blued blond, brunette hair could pass for any measure of black, come on now . The family really had better school her and the other children they have the potential to really tell family secrets.She needs to know to keep her mouth shut on many levels, as we say “What happen in the house stays in the house.

  21. ytre says:


  22. Betty Boo says:

    @ Lee Ani, please get your eyes checked for retina detachmens, glaucoma and cataracts. Because that girl does NOT look biracial AT ALL.

  23. GETREAL says:

    I know Michael as a performer and someone who has been constantly in the spotlight. The kids I don’t know and don’t know what they serve besides being his children. They’re caught up in the drama already. I don’t see good tabloid stories ever for them if they constantly keep them in the spotlight.

  24. Mickey says:

    GENETICS, PEOPLE!!!! My first cousin is African-American (AA) – 2 AA parents. My cousin’s husband is AA. Her youngest child is AA, but has blond nappy hair and blue-grey eyes. Our grandfather was very fair with grey eyes, and our grandmother was dark-skinned with brown eyes. Another first cousin (same grandparents) has a white mother and married a Mexican-American. They have three girls-one looks AA (albeit fair-skinned), one looks Hispanic, the youngest looks white.

  25. Keisha Rouse says:

    Just because she tans dont make her black. Nose thin lips blue eye. White white white white white white white. He was too shy to jack his woo woo so they used somebody elses sperm. Personaly I dont give a flying fart about weirdos.and this lil bitch probably will single handedly fuck up her so call fathers name and for what. I see why Janet slapped the shit out her ass.

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