Monica, Trey Songs, Dondria held a concert this weekend in Atlanta (August 13).  All of their family members came to show love for their big night in the ATL. . While out there, I got to run into Monica’s little sister and special guest Ciara, who’s still doing her thing, and preparing for her next album Basic Instinct. My girl Monica killed it as usual, doing some of her best hits along with a few Whitney Houston tunes. Trey Songz was doing…well, classic Trey…he brought the lovely Ms. Ciara to the stage and tried to turn her out like all the other chics he seduces on stage. C C wasn’t having it…although her body wanted to give in. Click below to see ALL the pics from this weekend!!

DSC_0033Trey and his lovely mother. You know she always there support her baby…

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