As Graduation season ensues 2 universities have sent their graduates on with a high debt to income ratio courtesy of Sallie Mae and words of wisdom that they will never forget. The Universities that I’m speaking of are none other than Morehouse and Spelman College. First Lady Michelle Obama, Journalist Gwen Ifill and law professor Charles Ogletree. The commencement speakers provided the graduates with positive and encouraging words to send them off on the road to success.

Mrs. Obama gave the ladies of Spelman a charge “You have an obligation to see each setback as a challenge and as an opportunity to learn and grow. You have an obligation to face whatever life throws your way with confidence and with hope.” Ms. Ifill and Mr. Ogletree told the 500 Graduating Morehouse Men that they have to take the reigns from previous generations and move the pendulum of justice forward.

“They have sacrificed for us,” Ogletree said. “It’s up to the men of Morehouse, the class of 2011, to stand up and sacrifice for those who follow.”

Ifill said: “It’s your responsibility to shine a light, the light of justice, the light of understanding, in the world. And it’s as necessary as it can be satisfying. That’s what we expect of Morehouse Men.”

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