Tyler Perry might just be the hardest worker in Hollywood. The media titan’s newest film, “Good Deeds” will be released Feburary 24th, 2012 and features a star-studded cast.  This film features heavy weights like Gabrielle Union, Thandie Newton, Phylicia Rashad, Brian White, Beverly Johnson, and many more! Keep reading to peep the new trailer


According to Movieline.com:

Tyler Perry stars as well-to-do Ivy Leaguer Wesley Deeds, who is not heading to Washington but instead for a midlife-jarring reckoning with his first world problems. Deeds, you see, doesn’t appreciate the cozy life he’s sleepwalking through until the plucky young office cleaning lady/single mother (Thandie Newton) crashes into his life, all but begging to be judged. Well, does richie rich Tyler Perry know the price of a gallon of milk? (Seriously, does the real bazillionaire Tyler Perry know the price of a gallon of milk?) I think not. Faced. Life lessons are about to be learned, and how.

You can’t quite tell from the trailer, but Good Deeds (get it, it’s a clever play on words!) is described as a romantic comedy and not a hard-hitting class drama, which means, unfortunately, Perry’s Deeds will probably fall for the poor-but-beautiful Newton at some point or another. Classic manic pixie cleaning lady storyline.



One thing is for sure, Tyler Perry keeps black actresses on our movie screens, definitely can’t be mad at that. Will you go see “Good Deeds”?


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