The Notorious B.I.G. will live on in a new animated series featuring his children — C.J. and T’yanna.  Ossian Media will produce “House of Wallace,” which revolves around C.J. and T’yanna’s efforts to keep Biggie’s Brooklyn recording studio open in the face of various hardships that arise after the rapper’s death. 


One of the trials the studio faces is the  attempt by a international music empire to take over the studio and replace it with an “entertainment factory.”  C.J. and T’yanna eventually manage to keep the studio open by turning it into a “jingle house by day” and an exclusive recording studio that makes hit albums by night.  In a press release, C.J. and T’yanna — who will voice their own character — say that they are honored to carry out Biggie’s legacy.  They add that “House of Wallace” will “bridge the gap” between their father and today’s youth who did not grow up with Biggie’s music.


Biggie Smalls isn’t the only late rapper being resurrected on screen.  Director Antoine Fuqua announced that a biopic based on the life of the late Tupac Shakur is still in the works.  Fuqua says the screenplay for the film is still in the development stages.

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