LeBron James is moving his talents from Miami to Cleveland. He has decided to let Bygones be Bygones and move back home.

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Pigs are flying today. We never thought that this day would come; four years ago Lebron James stunned the world by leaving Cleveland for the sunshine in Miami he has just announced on Friday he was returning after a frenzied attempt by the once-jilted Cavaliers to bring him back to his hometown team.

The Cavaliers made a strong push this month to land James, who had left them for Miami in 2010, ultimately playing in four NBA Finals and winning two of them.
The first step was removing from their website the passionate but somewhat bitter four-year-old letter by Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, in which he called James’ decision to leave Cleveland “a shameful display of selfishness and betrayal.”

Then the Cavaliers agreed to trade versatile guard Jarrett Jack, young center Tyler Zeller and a future first-round pick in a three-team deal to free up cap space.

James also won a small financial victory Wednesday when the NBA released its annual updated salary structure for the 2014-15 season. The most he could make next season climbed from a previously stated $20 million to $20.6 million.


Let this be a lesson you can always go back home!

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