Oprah Winfrey became the first African American woman to own her first network which she interestingly enough named OWN. Considering “The Oprah Winfrey Show” had record breaking ratings for over 20 years, the network was assumed to be another success for the “talk show queen”, but after reports have surfaced that the OWN Network is creating more loss than gain, it looks like the new network may be in trouble. Check inside for more deets on OWN’s financial pit.

The OWN Network is in partnership with the Discovery Channel and although the network has only been in existence for a little over a year it looks like it may not make it for a second. The Wall Street Journal have said that as long as Oprah and her partners continue to invest in the network such as new television shows and commerical expenses, the investors will experience a significant loss over a” period of time”.

The networks ratings last year were remarkably low but had an expectancy to get better although it does not seem as so anymore. Due to the incredible rocky start Oprah has now took control and became the Chief Executive of OWN to bring it some new life in the managemant department. And although she wanted to retire from the tv show thing she has agreed to host a new prime-time interview show titled “Oprah’s Next Chapter” that will start in January of next year.

According to reports, Discovery Channel has invested over $200 Million for the OWN Networks funding! David Zasalv, CEO of Discovery had this to say; “The losses will increase for a period of time, and the funding will increase for a period of time,”…seems like they are hopeful there will be a change for the better soon. Since the OWN Network is not available through every cable provider the team is working hard to get the network offered everywhere to hopefully increase rating and revenue. Check your local listing for the OWN Network channel on your cable provider.

What do you think about this new money pitfall for the Oprah Winfrey camp?

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