T-Pain and his autotuned vocals are back with new music. His newest single 5 o’clock features Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen. T-Pain is still talking about the usual, relationships and getting it on. Basically, T-Pain makes it simple. He wants some early morning loving. The chorus goes

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning/ Conversation got boring/Said you were going to bed soon/ So I snuck up to your bedroom/ And I thought I’ll just wait there /till I heard you come up the stairs/ And I’ll pretend that I was sleeping/And I was hoping you would creep in. READ MORE

The Game Calls 50 Cent Gay

The Game recently opened up about his views on the homosexual community in an interview with VLADTV. News source TMZ caught wind of the interview and posted an article titled ‘The Game: Closeted Gays Spread Aids’. Apparently The Game wasn’t too happy about the title of the post and fired back at TMZ on twitter. While making his point to TMZ though, he dropped a name: 50 Cent. In his interview with VLADTV, he never said any specific names but did say that there were some gay rappers in the industry. READ MORE

Christina Milian Talks About Upcoming Album

We’ve been seeing a lot of Christina Milian out in the public and now I’m starting to figure it out. While news reports did say that she is supposed to be starring in a new comedy called Maid In Media, the songstress has come forth and told fans that she is working on a new album. She told reporters, “I’ve been working with [producers] Young Yani, The Interns, this guy named Sham, a lot of really good, local producers here in L.A. A lot of great writers like The Writer’s camp and stuff, and it’s exciting.” I’m sure this comes as exciting news to all of her fans. READ MORE

Ne-Yo To Debut Hat Line At Fashion Week

Ne-Yo is showing the world that he has more talents that expand beyond the music industry.  Ne-Yo is set to debut his new hat line during Fashion Week at Saks Fifth Avenue. Ne-Yo didn’t give much commentary on what to expect from the hats. However, we’ve all seen Ne-Yo out in about displaying hats that still gave him his class, gentlemen look so I’m sure the hats will be something similar to that.

In addition to a new hat line, Ne-Yo is also working on a cartoon titled I Heart Tuesdays which will be on the Cartoon Network. I wonder what the cartoon show will be about. Ne-Yo has often mentions Carol Treat who was a teacher to him at the visual arts high school that he attended in Las Vegas. I guess Ne-Yo is putting his skills to test. READ MORE

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s newest video for their song No Church In The Wild is sure to have people talking. In The Throne’s newest video, they explore a concept that I’m not sure a lot of people are ready to think about. In the video, role reversal takes place where black people are shown as slave masters and white people as slaves. The video is very graphic and has scene where the white slave is being beaten with a whip and then later on viewers see all of the whips on the white slaves back while he is running from slave masters. READ MORE

Tia Mowry-Hardict Uses Acupuncture To Turn Breach Baby

Actress Tia Mowry-Hardict recently gave birth to her first son, Cree Taylor Hardict, and while all ended well, the final stages of her pregnancy were not the easiest. Last week’s episode of Tia & Tamera showed Tia trying a series of methods to get her breech baby to turn head-first as so she wouldn’t have to have a C-section. We’ve found this behind the scene clip of Tia using acupuncture to get the baby to come out the correct way.  Check out next week’s episode.

The acupuncture seems to work pretty well on stimulating the baby. What do you think? Would you try it?

Check out the video below: READ MORE

Kelly Rowland is at it again, working with director Sarah Chatfield on two new singles, “Lay It On Me”and “Down For Whatever.” Sarah Chatfield worked with Kelly on “Motivation” and it seems she liked Chatfield’s work. Rap-Up.com was able to get us some photos from the video shoot for “Lay It On Me” and it includes elephants and Kelly Rowland in catsuits. Rowland gets on the back of her male dancers in one scene, showing her sexual prowess and holds a foil cape in another scene.

“Down For Whatever” will be her international track.

Spotted @Rap-Up

Check out the photos and songs below: READ MORE

President Obama To Talk Jobs To Congress Tonight

President Obama will address the Congress during a joint-session tonight at 7 PM to discuss the countries dire economic state. With elections a little more than a year away, President Barack Obama has come under pressure from both the left and the right to create jobs for the millions of Americans that have been out of work since the start of the “Great Recession.” President Obama is expected to announce a $300 billion plan to get the economy roaring and creating jobs again. The package of ideas will more than likely include: unemployment insurance, spending to support construction jobs, tax relief, and aid to states to keep people in their jobs. The plan will also include a long-term plan of how to pay for this job creation plan. READ MORE