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Kanye West Performs New Version Of Power On ‘SNL’

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(10/4/2010) The mad genius Kanye West has outdid himself once again with an electrifying performance of his hit single “Power”. Kanye’s original version went ‘f*ck SNL and the whole cast, Tell em’ Yeezy said they can kiss my whole a**’. Well, this time, considering Yeezy was the guest performer on Saturday Night Live, Kanye replaced the insult with an entirely new verse, and it goes extra hard. This performance was basically a live performance of his “potrait” style video. You got to see it to know what we are talking about. The visual effects are mesmerizing. I got to give it to Kanye for this one. Check out the video below!!

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Antoine Dodson Has A Halloween Costume Coming + Takes Over 2010 BET Awards

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Antoine Dodson will no longer be singing about rapists in the projects. He has moved up thanks to the fame of his auto-tuned 1#hit. Dodson earned half the profits ( over 250,000) from the song he made on itunes and was recently able to buy a home for his whole family with the money. I have to give it to Antoine he is the only person I know that claim to fame was a robbery / rape, only he wasn’t in the room; he was down stairs while all the craziness was happening but did catch the ending, and TV camera’s. While at the 2010 BET awards I talked to him, and he told me that he had alot of things that he was working on, but couldn’t tell me cause it was a secret. Just so yall know Antoine has a new album coming out, wig line and even Halloween costume, ya thats right Mr Dodson has a Halloween costume coming out. You can buy the costume Here… WOW I guess dreams do come true.

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@SouljaBoy Answers False Drug Use Rumors @ 2010 BET Awards

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The homie Soulja Boy hit up the 2010 BET Awards clean and ready to take on the world. While he was there he addressed the Rumors that came to life about him using drugs.  In the video soulja Boy said the edited, fake video of him and Kat Stacks came to life because “a certain website was trying to get traffic, and went too far” he said. I  Have to tell yall this is the homie and I know him to be a really  good dude, and weather or not he’s on drugs is non of our business; what is our business is if he’s is giving back to his fans and he does that all the time. Here is his interview please tell me what yall think? Read More »

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The Story of Mario & His Mom “I Won’t Love You to Death”

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I hate that everyone is looking at Mario like he’s crazy and thats really not the case. MTV aired a special on October 21, “I Won’t Love You to Death: The Story of Mario and His Mom,” which dealt with his mother’s heroin addiction. The documentary is about how the singer strives for help to stop his mother’s addiction. While doing this, Mario seeked help from family and friends. Mario wrote a letter to his mother stating how appreciative he is and begs her to stop her addiction. At the end of the letter he says, “I love you, but I won’t love you to death”. The documentary, produced by Gigantic! Productions, won a 2008 Prism Award for its accurate portrayal of drug abuse. Mario has also written a song titled Do Right that is dedicated to his mother. This song explains his mother’s addiction and how it affected his childhood. The song is featured on his third album Go. I have to tell yall dealing with a parent on drugs this really tuched me watch the video and tell me what yall think!!!! Read More »

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Kelly Rowland & More Hit Up BET Reception For GYANT Unplugged

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The first night of the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards weekend was abuzz with parties galore. Celeb blogger GYANT hosted his own celebration at Atlanta hotspot Aurum Lounge with BET, Comcast, FUZE, BMI and Conjure Cognac. The big homie J-MO sentover these exclusive pictures from last night event. Co-hosted by Upfront/Megatainment’s Devyne Stephens and BMI VP Catherine Brewton, the Hip Hop Awards Pre-Reception included attendees such as Kelly Rowland, Dondria, my girl Princess, producer Drumma Boy, comedian Cadillac Kim, and stylist Derek J as well as performances by Nate Walka and Promise. Read More »

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Nelly Says, “Who Said Him & Ashanti Were A Couple” + New Album

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Nelly is getting ready to release his new album in November, and says that’s where his heart belongs. He tells UsMagazine.com that he’s single right now because his focus is on that record. Nelly says, quote, “I’m dating something unbelievable. She is so sexy, she is a new girl. I’ve been dating her now for a couple of months… She’s called ’5.0′ and we get married on November 16th.” The name of his new record is in fact “Nelly 5.0.” All joking aside, Nelly says he’s single right now. The St. Louis rapper says, quote, “I’m not married or anything like that. It’s more about making sure ’5.0′ is where it needs to be.” Nelly’s current single, “Just A Dream,” is sitting at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

When asked if he and Ashanti are 100% split after being together a long time, Nelly asked who even said they were a couple in the first place? Nelly said:

“Who said that? Well what have we always said? Of course I’m single. I’m not married, she’s not married.”

“Here’s the thing. I’ve never said I’m in a relationship, she’s never said she’s in a relationship. I don’t know where they do that at. But we’ve always admitted to being friends.

He then gushed about how great of a girl she is:

“We hang out. She’s a very sweet girl. Very pretty girl. Very talented. She does her thing as far as her career and I do my thing as far as mine.”

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Mary J. Blige Donates $50,000 @ NYC Urban League’s Football Game

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Mary J. Blige just has a big heart (and a big wallet). She recently teamed up with the Urban League to present New York native, Camry Rosario a scholarship check for $50,000.

EURweb is reporting that the halftime of NY Urban League’s football game between Howard and Morgan State last Saturday, Blige presented the check to the young lady. The funds came from the singer’s charity, the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now. Read More »


Keri Hilson’s “No Boys Allowed” New Album Dropping November 30

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Keri Hilson has set a release date for her sophomore effort. Rap-Up.com is reporting that “No Boys Allowed” will arrive in stores on November 30th. The first single off the record, “Breaking Point,” has been released to radio, while the second single, “Pretty Girl Rock,” will hit iTunes on October 12th. “No Boys Allowed” is Keri Hilson’s follow-up to 2009′s “In A Perfect World.” The record opened at number four on the Billboard 200, and went on to earn Hilson Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

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Kanye West Set For “Saturday Night Live” This Weekend

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Kanye West will be performing on national television this weekend. The emcee is the musical guest on this week’s “Saturday Night Live” on NBC. The October 2nd episode will be hosted by Emmy-winning actor Bryan Cranston of AMC’s “Breaking Bad.” Kanye West kicks off a two-week run on “SNL” that will feature hip-hop and R&B acts. Read More »

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