Lil Wayne Remixes “Marvin’s Room”

If you’re not tired of hearing a gazillion remixes to “Marvin’s Room”, I’ve got another one for you. This time from Lil Wayne and no…he’s not bitter. Unlike everybody else who has already cried their hearts out on their version of “Marvin’s Room”, Wayne changes things up a bit with lyrics that make you wanna check to see if the kids are in bed. Have a listen here:

Marvins Room Freestyle

So what do you think of Lil Wayne’s remix? You feeling it?

Kanye West Is A Fashion Designer

We already know that Yeezy is way into fashion, but now he’s taking his love of fashion and making it into a hustle with his new fashion line for women that will debut in New York. However, we won’t get to see what any of the pieces are going to look like until Fashion Week in New York this fall. I suspect that the clothing line will be every bit of hot because the rapper has enlisted Louise Goldin (a big overseas designer known for her knit work) to oversee design work and is getting one-on-one advice from Louise Wilson (HBIC of the famous fashion school London’s Central Saint Martin’s). With two fashion guru’s like these two, I expect the line to be great. Are you excited about seeing Ye’s new fashion line?


Llyod Confronts Miguel Over Hair Beef

From the sound of things, I don’t think any careers or any lives have been ended because of this R&B beef. I would venture to say that it’s over being that Miguel and Llyod finally met up face to face (no twitter truce here) and spoke on their issues. READ MORE

UPDATE on Nicki Minaj Altercation


Just yesterday, we heard that Nicki Minaj was punched in the lip by some unidentified male. Well now we have all the answers! Despite all of Nicki’s tweets denying that anything happened, records obtained from the authorities prove that an altercation did go down. READ MORE

GQ Magazine had me lost for words after I found out that the city I love and call home,Atlanta, was voted one of the worst-dressed cities in the United States. GQ asked, ” Look around you. Better yet, look in the mirror. Are you the victim? After a deeply scientific, irrefutable poll, we gathered, analyzed, and ranked the most sartorially-challenged metropolises in the greater United States”. Here’s what they had to say about ATL which was voted number 17:

“17. Atlanta is the Mecca of the promotional T-shirt. Everyone is a CEO or founder of a record label or a clothing line you’d have never heard of if it weren’t plastered in size 96 Helvetica font on their chest. The pleats in Atlantan’s pants are deeper than the Chocolate Rain kid’s voice and their blazers look like hand-me-downs, because they are hand-me-downs. In the A, there is nothing wrong with wearing uncle Ned’s seersucker suit to the shindig in October—fit, be damned.”—Mark Anthony Green


Lil Wayne Dancers Arrested For Fight At P.F. Chang’s

The second leg of Lil Wayne’s “I Am Music Two Tour” is experiencing problems before it even starts. The “Hartford Courant” says two of the rap superstar’s dancers were arrested last Sunday for allegedly roughing up a waitress at a P.F. Chang’s in Connecticut. Jennifer Slaughter and Della Hamby reportedly became upset when their waitress told them they should have asked her at the beginning of their meal to split the check. Slaughter and Hamby paid their bill, but returned a short time later to retrieve a cell phone. While back in the restaurant, they allegedly swore at their waitress and then pulled her hair and started punching her. West Hartford police eventually located Hamby and Slaughter and charged them with assault and breach of peace.

A rep for Lil Wayne’s tour says both Slaughter and Hamby will be held out of tonight’s opening show at the Comcast Theater in Hartford. They are, however, both due back in court today.

Here are the dates for the second leg of Lil Wayne’s “I Am Music Two Tour” READ MORE

A new broadcast network co-founded by the son of late civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is set to debut this fall. Martin Luther King the Third says Bounce TV, a 24-hour network geared toward African-American audiences, will launch on September 26th. King calls the date an “important milestone,” noting Bounce’s status as the first-ever independently owned and operated TV network featuring African-Americans. Targeting audiences 25 years of age and older, the network’s content will include a mix of movies, sports, documentaries and original programming.

Bounce TV’s Founding Group and leadership team include Ambassador Young, Martin Luther King III, Andrew “Bo” Young III, television executives the homie Ryan Glover and Jonathan Katz and filmmakers Rob Hardy and my frat brother Will Packer.
Bounce will be made available to viewers who don’t have cable. Houston, Cleveland, Charlotte and Indianapolis are among the first cities that will have access to Bounce TV. It will also air in Akron, Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Hartford and New Haven, Connecticut; Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia; West Palm Beach, Florida; Birmingham, Alabama; Memphis; and Louisville, Kentucky.

Two photographers were placed in handcuffs Tuesday for allegedly chasing Michael Jackson’s daughter on the streets of Los Angeles. The men were speeding through red lights to catch up to a car that was carrying 13-year-old Paris Jackson.

Police are not going to charge the photogs with a crime because they didn’t witness their allegedly poor driving. Authorities have also decided not to forward the case to the Los Angeles City Attorney because there isn’t enough evidence.