When Keeping it Real Goes Really Wrong! Dr. Murray has apparently lost his ever %$# Mind! Not willing to take the stand to defend yourself in the courtroom but willing to go on “The Today Show” and RUN HIS MOUTH having the audacity to make the statement “I don’t feel guilty”.…DUDE!!!!!! Michael Jackson was your freaking responsibility! You were his primary care physician!!!! You were making $150,000 per month to care for Michael Jackson “The King of Pop”! America’s favorite and most loved entertainer of all time. You couldn’t hire a nurse’s aide for $10hr to help you out? To monitor Michael while you were sexting oops texting and on the phone for 40 minutes while Michael was gasping for breath..his last breath oh and you had to “go potty?” Are you freaking kidding me? Out of respect for his family’s loss the best words you can utter is “I Don’t Feel Guilty?” GTFOH! Watch the Video. SMDH!

Can you believe this guy? Then you record a documentary which I am sure you sold for a pretty penny! Holy Spirit? Really? Judge Pastor was absolutely 1000 times correct “You are a dangerous man!” You are taking no accountability for anything. No responsibility for anything and showing no remorse! Your mother is writing letters, your babymomma is talking to TMZ and you are recording documentaries! You are truly going to have all the time in the world for the next 4 years to really retrace your tracks and think about the FOOLERY words you had the nerve to utter in the interview. Good Day Dr..EX Doctor Murray!

Kim Kardashian Claims Kris Humphries Is Gay

This Kardashian divorce is getting messier and messier by the day.

First Kris wants to sue Kim for more money (click here for that story) for his role on their highly rated series ‘Kourtney & Kim Take New York’ (click here for that story), and now we have Kim claiming her soon to be ex-hubby is gay.


Star magazine is reporting that Kim believes Kris is gay because of what he wouldn’t do on their honeymoon. Get the details after the break. READ MORE

Tell-All Book To Be Written About Tyler Perry

I know Tyler not happy to hear about this new book coming out about his life, and how he never would have made it if?

Just when we thought the tell all book genre was only for video vixens trying to expose rappers we get introduced to Melvin Childs, a former business partner of Tyler Perry’s who is planning to write a tell all book entitled ‘Never Would Have Made It’.

The book will be about how he discovered Tyler and how he was ultimately betrayed by him.

Check inside for a snippet of a chapter and a video trailer for the upcoming book. READ MORE

Rihanna Spotted On The Set Of Video For ‘You Da One’

Rihanna is still busy at work promoting her new album ‘Talk That Talk’ and she was recently spotted filming the video for her next single ‘You Da One’. Rihanna, who has always been known to change her look, is rocking a blonde wig in a style that is reminiscent of the black bob she rocked during her ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ era. The video is said to be inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film, ” A Clockwork Orange”, and is being filmed in London. Check inside for a few more pics of the blonde bombshell at work. READ MORE

A few weeks ago we gave you the deets on T.I. and Tiny’s new venture into reality tv with their VH1 show The Family Hustle (click here for that story) and now we have the first full episode for you to preview before their official December 5th premiere date. Check out the episode in full inside. READ MORE

Now isn’t this interesting. The Braxton sisters are still hot on the promo trail for the new season of their hit show, “Braxton Family Values”, and recently sat for an interview with Atlanta’s own Art Terrell (KISS 104).  No question was off limits and of course the convo switched to Towanda and her failed marriage to husband Andre Carter. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the show, Towanda and Andre are seperated, yet still live together. You can sense the tension and distance whenever these two have to share a scene. Keeping reading for Towanda’s response to why she won’t just end the couple’s misery and get a divorce. READ MORE

Earlier today, my girl Monica was seen on the Wendy Williams show and had a lot to talk about. Of the most important in the interview, she discussed all the pregnancy rumors that have been circulating. I’ve been seeing a lot of people speculating on whether or not she is so it was great to see her finally answer questions about that. In addition to that, she spoke about how she met her hubby Shannon Brown and why theyb decided to get married by the Justice of The Peace rather than having a wedding first. Read inside to find out all of the answers and a clip of her interview on Wendy Williams.   READ MORE

R&B singer Tyrese Gibson, who recently celebrated the release of his new LP Open Invitation, was rushed to the ER last night due to food poisoning. According to TMZ, the singer ate some seafood that didnt sit well with his stomach and had to make a trip to the hospital because of pain. Today the singer is at home recovering  and through twitter sent a picture of himself laying in the hospital bed with this message…”ER….pray for me”. Im sure there are millions of female fans willing to run to his bedside for some tender love and care. Check inside for the picture and more deets on his recovery. READ MORE