Akon Facing Lawsuit Over Georgia Home

A contracting company in Georgia says Akon needs to pay them for their services.


Southern Electric has filed suit in Georgia Superior Court alleging that the R&B star still owes them more than 51-thousand dollars for work performed on his home.


According to StraightFromTheA, Southern Electric completed more than 344-thousand dollars worth of work, but Akon refused to pay 51-thousand-941 dollars on his final invoice.


Southern Electric contacted Akon’s mother, who was the agent in the deal, but has yet to receive their money. They’re now suing for the amount Akon still owes as well as interest.

Judge Dismisses Joe Jackson’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A judge is denying Michael Jackson’s father his chance to get back at the people he blames for the pop star’s death. Joe Jackson’s wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoter AEG and Dr. Conrad Murray has been thrown out of court. TMZ says a judge decided to dismiss the Jackson family patriarch’s suit because his wife, Katherine, had
already filed a similar one. The judge explained that there can’t be two suits alleging the exact same thing, and since Katherine filed her suit first it will remain in court. READ MORE

Bobby Brown Releasing Whitney Houston Tell-All Book

Four years ago, Bobby Brown, planned to sell a tell-all book about his life with Whitney Houston. Although the book was never published, some say Bobby is once again trying to make it happen.

“Back in 2008, the interest in a book on Whitney Houston wasn’t that great,” a major publisher tells sources that “Whitney had fallen off the radar back then — but now, following her tragic death, the market has changed. Now is the time for a book that details an honest look into the life of Whitney.”


A poor woman is walking around with only one titty/breast from a domestic dispute after her boyfriend stomped and punched her in the chest until her breast implants went BOOM!


NYC rapper French Montana just dropped the video for ‘Shot Caller (Remix)’ featuring Diddy and Rick Ross. The video was directed by Colin Tilley and the song was produced by Harry Fraud. Check out the video below and tell me if you are felling it… READ MORE

Watch : SWV’s “Co-Sign” Video

It’s been 15 years since we’ve last seen the sisters of SWV and today they’re back with a brand new video, “Co-Sign.” CoKo, LeLee and Taj have been working hard on their new album,”I Missed Us”, slated for release on April 10. Check out there new video below. READ MORE

WOW talk about never to old!!! Dana Jackson celebrated her 100th birthday by marrying her 87 year-old fiance Bill Strauss at Rosewood Health Care Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Apparently, the wedding game has change quite a bit in Dana’s century on the planet: “Gettin’ married wasn’t a big thing back when I was young. It wasn’t no big thing.”

Congrats, Dana and Bill! Check Out The Video Below:.. READ MORE

Oprah Winfrey woke up on Sunday with Whitney Houston on her mind after attending Whitney’s, “home going celebration.”
Tattletailzz reports Oprah confessed that she wondered if “there was some way we could have all come together and celebrated [Whitney] while she was still alive”, after posting a YouTube video.


“I’m hoping to be able to do that for people while they’re alive now,” Oprah continued. “I hope you think about that, too.”


Oprah was one of those in attendance for Whitney’s funeral on Saturday at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey. Whitney was laid to rest at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, NJ. Oprah is always trying to get mileage out of a situation. I guess this would be a new idea for her struggling network.. Here’s the video tell me what you think? READ MORE