I almost missed my homie Melanie Fiona who came to the ATL for just one night for a private Lexus listening session… The event was off the chain, and I definitely want to give big props to Lexus for giving the public a free live concert with artist who really have talent… The event honored [Universal Records executive] Sylvia Rome… Also at the event was Joe, Mika Means and Derek Blanks.


Melanie Fiona talked to the homie Ryan Cameron and let the world know that she will be going on tour with Alicia Keys after being asked by Alicia… I can’t wait, hope I get to go Mel … Hint Hint … LOL

Here are all the pic’s…

Chinese Zoo Feeds Cow To Tigers As Live Attraction


LOOK, I was lost for words after I saw this story on about a zoo in China  now facing criticism for allowing visitors to participate in an unlikely form of entertainment: They pay to see tigers feed on a live animal. WHERE THEY DO THAT AT??


He witnessed chickens served as appetizers to the tigers (at a cost of $5.50), followed by a live cow (at a cost of $205)–dumped from a truck–and pounced on immediately. China trying to get PAID however in 2010.“It was dragged to the ground within seconds,” he told The Sun. And tourists relished in the attraction–taking photos and watching with binoculars from a bus nearby. People will LITERALLY pay money to see ANYTHING nowadays. Click Here To watch the Video  and see all the pictures…smh.


Keyshia Cole Is Still Pregnant..


Twitter  was in an up-ROAR after rumors were going around that Keyshia Cole had her baby… Well after I reached out to my people I was told that although they are happy that everyone sent their love, support, and congratulations, she DIDN’T have the baby just yet… I was told the baby should be coming sometime next month they hope?



Apparently, one of Omarion’s old A&R friends are PISSED cause he JACKED their songs… They have decided to vent and let it be known that Omarion has bad people around him, and will be getting sued very soon… This is what they had to say:


I never thought, for the life of me, you’d be the one I’d have to get at. But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt & assume this was brought to you by an outside producer or writer.

This is why my job is necessary even though many people despise my very existence. But when you have people as talented as Kai Holmes who, in my opinion, is hands down one of the hottest up & coming singer/songwriters & a vet like yourself straight jacks one of his joints, I gotta say sumthin’.

I mean, Omarion, you gotta watch who you keep company with man! These geniuses didn’t even change the damn title when they handed it to you!!! SAME TITLE, SAME VOCAL ARRANGEMENT, SAME TRACK TEMPO, SAME HOOK!!!! WOW!!!! Now that’s a jack move.


Can You Guess Who Needs To Meet General Larry Platt


The homies over at posted this picture of a rapper who needs some help from General Larry Platt, cause clearly his pants are almost on the ground… … P.S. I mean, who REALLY tucks their t-shirt in their DRAWS like they are 4 YEARS OLD? lol

Click here to guess who


George Clinton’s Son Found Dead In Apartment


The son of music icon George Clinton was found dead earlier this week. is reporting that the body of George Clinton Jr. was discovered in his Tallahassee, Florida apartment on Monday. A maintenance worker at the complex entered Clinton’s residence after not seeing him for a few days. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office was notified, and Clinton’s body was identified and taken to the morgue. The medical examiner’s office says the funk legend’s son died of natural causes, adding that he had been dead for a couple days before his body was discovered. George Clinton Sr. was notified of his son’s passing by friends. He has yet to comment on the incident.
George Clinton rose to prominence as the founder of legendary funk group Parliament-Funkadelic. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.


Lil Wayne is speaking out about his upcoming stay behind bars. Wayne will be sentenced to a year in prison next week, and he tells “Rolling Stone” magazine that he never expected to be locked up at this point in his career.He states, quote, “I didn’t know I was gonna be going to jail. This happened at the height of my career! Nobody knows the future.” Wayne pled guilty to felony gun possession last October after New York police found a gun on his tour bus in 2007. While Wayne isn’t the first person to face such a charge, the emcee says he isn’t looking for anyone’s advice. “Weezy” remarks, quote, “This is Lil Wayne going to jail. Nobody I can talk to can tell me what that’s like. I just say I’m looking forward to it.” He adds, quote, “I know it’s an experience that I need to have if God’s putting me through it.”

Make sure yall go pick the up the magazine… They are using some of my pictures… I cant wait to see it.. Lil Wayne’s entire interview can be read in the latest issue of “Rolling Stone” magazine, which is on news stands now. The rapper’s long-awaited record “Rebirth” was released on Tuesday.


Rap superstar Eminem is denying recent rumors about his love life. “Em’s” rep, Dennis Dennehy, tells E! News that speculation claiming that the emcee is expecting a child with his ex-wife Kim is completely false. Dennehy states, quote, “Contrary to false rumors spread by unreliable tabloids, Marshall and Kim Mathers are not romantically reunited in any way, nor are they expecting a child together.” Dennehy goes on to say that the two share custody of their 14-year-old daughter Hailie Jade Scott and “maintain a friendly relationship.”
Eminem and Kim Mathers first married in 1999. The couple divorced two years later, only to tie the knot for a second time in January 2006. They filed for divorce again just a few months later.