Monique Explains Her Manly Legs


Mo’Nique and her manly legs caused alot of  buzz on the internet after she showed them off  at the Golden Globes. But I have to say after hearing her tell why she doesn’t shave after seeing the video on, I must say, Mo I love you but you know that’s lazy. Here’s what she had to say on the view:

Air Jordan 1 Alpha + Jordan Spizike

Jordan 1 Alpha

Looking for a fresh pair of J’s. You might be interested in the new Air Jordan 1 Alpha or the Jordan Spizike. The Jordan 1 Alpha is an updated version of the Jordan 1. Jordan heads can expect new technology and maximum comfort. The shoe that pays respect to Spike Lee is back in a new fire red colorup. Both J’s are now in stores, Jordan 1 ($125) and Spizike ($175).


Jordan Spizike

Meet Mr Booty Talk Jay Alien


I know alot of yall are wondering if I listen to all the music  that yall send, and I  have to say, –  most of it I do. Every now and then I run across a song that makes me say what the hell were you thinking… so for the song of the day I must tell yall to listen to  Booby call as Jay Alien sings off key the whole time … LOL… Just Playing…

Where’s The Love? Obama’s 1st Year: Hope Vs. Reality


It has been a year since President Obama became President of the United States. Republicans have used the president’s kindness as weakness. He tried to bring everyone together, but many remain partisan. He opened the doors to open talks with the opposing party, and they still gave resistance. He is not a miracle worker, but I feel overall, he has done the best he can during his first year with the situation he was placed in (2 wars + recession). I say give President Obama a round of applause…he still has 3 yrs left. There is still hope, and we are progressing. You are the inspiration to millions. Do your thing Mr. President…do your thing.

What do yall think about President Obama’s first yr in office?


Monica ripped the stage for all of her Traxx fans. She is getting yall primed for her new album, Still Standing, slated to be released in Spring 2010. The club, which was jammed packed with over 5000 people, had nothing but love for Mo as she ripped the stage doing all of her hits for the 2010 MLK Weekend Celebration.

And Make sure yall watch the season finale tonight of her hit show “Still Standing”

Check out the pictures below

Waka Flocka Got Shot But Is Doing Ok


I just got a call from one of my folks telling me that my homie Waka Flocka Flame, whose real names is Juaquin Malphurs was shot in the arm earlier today. Waka stopped at a gas station off Old National Highway in College Park, GA when he was approached by an unknown man who told him to hand over his chain. After refusing to give up his chain, and saying “o lets do it” in his Flocka voice the suspect shot, hitting him twice in the arm and side. I was told Flocka is doing ok. Check out his video “O Let’s Do It”

I will let yall know as I find out more… Follow Him On Twitter WakaFlocka1017


First off, I want to say that for the longest Lisa and  Ed Hartwell have always shown me love, so it hurt my heart to hear that Lisa’s mother suffered a heart attack. Although I don’t know how her mother is doing, I will most definitely keep her in my prayers. Lisa, I love you and your family and ya’ll know what ever ya’ll need I am only a call away. Lisa is currently in LA at her mother side…


In other news “Diva Extraordinaire” Victoria Rowell is said to be already starting mess, and might not be added to the cast. I was told, because of time conflicting issues and money, Bravo is having issues locking her in… My sources say that “She is giving us hell but we are trying”. I hope she makes it. This will definitely add some spice to the Atlanta cast. Above is a photo from D Blanks that he recently did with her…

Kelly Rowland Alter Ego Photoshoot With Derek Blanks

Celebrity photographer Derek Blanks has done it again with his signature Alter Ego Photoshoots. This time, Mr. Blanks has photographed the lovely Kelli Rowland, former songstress of Destiny’s Child.

The photos depict Kelly as an All American Woman with her muscle flexed vs. The Damsel in Distress. Derek Blanks is truly gifted in capturing the essence of these shots.

Recently, Kelly has been making moves both in the US and internationally. In February 2009, a duet with Italian singer Tiziano Ferro, entitled “Breathe Gentle”, was released as a single and reached the top ten of the Dutch Singles Chart. Rowland also continued touring Europe, Asia and Australia as a solo artist throughout late 2009 and early 2010, including a co-headlining arena tour of Australia in March 2010 with Pitbull and Ne-Yo, titled Ladies and Gentlemen Tour.

Check out the video of Kelly getting ready for her Alter Ego photoshoot.