Apparently there is a phone application that will allow the user to see through clothes. I wonder how many people will try to purchase this app. Hummm, millions perhaps?

Good lookin WSHH.


Atlanta’s Own “Pants on the Ground” Larry Platt



For those of you who missed this weeks episode of American Idol, here is a lesson in common sense. 63 year old General Larry Platt goes hard with his viral hit “Pants on the Ground”. I understand fashion statements and all, but saggin TIGHT ass pants is for the birds, or any pants at that…for real. If folks knew the history behind saggin, they wouldn’t do it.  Too bad the the general surpassed the shows age limit to perform in Hollywood. Could have gotten some of those young whipper snappers in check. lol

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Old School Jam Of The Week

slick rick

The old school Jam of the Week is dedicated to all the 80’s babies. You rememeber back in highschool when you had a crush on that fine someone, but you were scared to holla? Or you did holla and might of gotten shot down? Or you might have just been that dude or chic, and got everyone you wanted…yeah, those were the days. This is my man Slick Rick with Teenage Love. Take a trip down memory lane…

Video for Slick Rick’s Teenage Love…

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megan display 108


Think about the last time you went out.  The mall, the club, a family gathering and I bet you each time there was someone there saying “Hey, I’m doing this music thing now…check out my mixtape!”  And you think to yourself “Damn!  You too!’  I truly wonder how any of these new rappers plan to make it if their target audience is a group of other new rappers.



travis porter


Ever wonder what your kids are listening to?  Well let me put you up some game…they are lisitening to TRAVIS PORTER!!!!  The most popular group in Atlanta right now.  It started with “All The Way Turnt Up” and now they have a new single “Go Shorty Go” along with a new webseries ‘We Are Travis Porter”.  Check out the video for “Go Shorty Go” and “We Are Travis Porter” web series below and tell me what you think!

Travis Porter’s official website is WEARETRAVISPORTER.COM.

“Go Shorty Go” Video

(look real close you might see your daughter in this video)

We Are Travis Porter Webseries Episode 1

Shout out to DJ Teknikz




Jay-Z and Beyonce are making it happen together in Hollywood bringing in $122 million dollars between June 2008 – June 2009 and are #1 on Forbes Top Earning Celebrity Couples for 2009.  Jay-Z brought $87 million to the table and Beyonce made $35 million.  Couple number 2 on the list,  Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford, made $50 million less than them bringing in $69 million.

Behind The Scenes Pic’s Of Beyonce’s New Commercial


In a new commercial set to premiere on Nickelodeon, Beyoncé will be seen playing Style Savvy, a video game that turns players into managers of a virtual boutique. I got to give it to B she knows how to get them checks…

“Fashion is something I’ve been familiar with my whole life,” she says in an interview before the shoot. So when Nintendo tapped her to represent its product, she was happy to oblige.


Teddy Pendergrass Dies @ Age 59

music and entertainment 160309

Soul singer Teddy Pendergrass has died at the age of 59 following “a difficult recovery” from colon cancer surgery, his son has told the AP news agency.
Teddy Pendergrass II said his father had died at a hospital in Philadelphia.
He was paralysed from the waist down in a 1982 car accident. In 2001, he went on his first tour since the accident.
Pendergrass enjoyed early success with Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, whose hits included If You Don’t Know Me By Now, before going solo in 1976.
He was the first black male singer to record five consecutive multi-platinum albums in the US.
Pendergrass, who has used a wheelchair since his accident, made a return to live performance at the Live Aid concert in Philadelphia in July 1985.
“To all his fans who loved his music, thank you,” his son said.
“He will live on through his music.”

Here is my favorite song TKO