Whitney’s Australian fans are pissed off after the diva did what some are calling the worst performance they have ever seen. Whitney who could not hit any of her notes had ticket goers demanding there money back. Ticket goers tickets started at $100.00 and went up to $270.00 for front row seats were hurt that the diva who was out of breath, and off key was not entertaining at all. Some of her fans even said on twitter that she had lost all of her talent and vocal skills…. Damn Whitney I was hoping she still had it. One even said:

“She could even entertain a dead rat”

Is This Your Son


There really isn’t much to say after looking at this pic, or is their? Dlisted always keeps me laughing…

Kanye West New Video: “Coldest Winter”

Kanye West will be delivering new work this week, as the video for his track “Coldest Winter” arrives. Nabil Elderkin directed the piece, and says the clip’s simplicity is what really makes it work. He tells MTV News, quote, “It’s pretty minimalistic. It’s slow and very visual. I just wanted to catch the vibe of the song and not get too literal.” Elderkin notes that the lyrics to “Coldest Winter” are very personal to Kanye, which led him to direct a video that taps into the song’s emotions. Kanye West’s “Coldest Winter” is featured on his most recent album, “808s & Heartbreak.” An actual debut date for the video was not reported. Did you like the video its really deep… I’m not feeling it how about you? READ MORE

Snoop Owes IRS More Than $598K

The IRS is looking to take a bite out of hip-hop star Snoop Dogg. Snoop owes the government more than 500-thousand-dollars in back taxes. On January 19th, the IRS reportedly filed a lien against Snoop and his wife, Shante Broadus, for 598-thousand-309-dollars. Snoop and Shante have yet to comment on the situation. Snoop Dogg released his tenth studio record, “Malice N Wonderland,” last December. The record has gone on to sell more than 200-thousand copies. Do yall think he’s going to pay up?


Lil Wayne had me lost for words for two reasons, 1 because I cant see how he is talking and just had major surgery,  2 as I watched him go off on someone for making a rude comment.  Wayne just had eight root canals in a single session on last Tuesday. The eight-hour procedure included redone tooth implants, new implants added and repair work on the rare real teeth Wayne has left in his head. Lil Wayne just joined Twitter late last night. His twitter page is liltunechi which is his first son nick name.


Wayne’s latest CD, “Rebirth,” stands at No. 4 on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart. Click here to watch the video READ MORE

Over the weekend the ATL was taken over by all of the U.S. best steppers who came in town for Ryan Cameron’s Old School New School Sprite Step Off Step Show.

The event had celebrity judges and was off the chain. This was the 11th annual Step Show for Ryan who is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi. Ryan’s Step show which is the largest Step Show in the country was sold out for the 11th year, and featured steppers from College and Alumni fraternities and sororities from all across the country. P.S. The old school Kappas won…

All so big shot-out to One Stop Production for doing all the production of the event. Here are some of the pictures..

Fantasia Receives Death Threat Hate Mail


Some disturbing mail is causing Fantasia to work under tight security at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles, California. Tasia received a threatening letter in a stack of fan mail just days ago. The letter contained racial epithets, including the n-word. It even read, quote, “go back where you came from and die.” The writer of the letter claims to have worked as a Fox security guard during Fantasia’s run on “American Idol” in 2004. Her manager says she immediately contacted Pantages security, who in turn contacted the Los Angeles Police Department over the letter. Fantasia is currently performing in “The Color Purple” at the theater. Security has been heightened there to the point where anything sent to the star’s dressing room will be pre-screened by security. Fantasia says, quote, “I will not be defeated by one isolated person’s hatred.” READ MORE

Whitney Houston Goes Off At Airport For Having To Wait


The homies over at Bossip.com are reporting that Whitney Houston is back to her diva ways. She recently threw a fit when her Benz limo took a whole extra two minutes to pick her up from the airport.

Apparently when Diva Houston arrived at Brisbane, Australia Airport the last thing she wanted to do was wait for her ride READ MORE