Lil’ Wayne got caught in some mess the other night after his bus got pulled over when drug dogs smelled weed around his bus . The Border Patrol says Wayne and the others were questioned and charges are pending. His lawyer tells TMZ that while some people did receive citations, Lil’ Wayne was not one of them.

Lil’ Wayne, along with 11 other people, was detained yesterday in Falfurrias, Tex. by the United States Border Patrol after marijuana was discovered on board his tour bus.

Wayne pled guilty in October to attempted criminal possession of a weapon stemming from a 2007 traffic stop of his tour bus. He is set to spend a year in jail and will appear for sentencing in February 2010.

UPDATE — The Laredo Entertainment Center, where Lil’ Wayne was supposed to perform last night but didn’t, tells TMZ he will perform there tonight to make up for the canceled show.

VH1+Summer+Soul+Concert+Benefit+VH1+Save+Music+u-yY1t_kmfwl told you a few months ago that Mathew and Tina Knowles marriage was over. Well Tina’s made it official!!!

Last month we learned that Tina Knowles filed for divorce from Beyonces’ dad Mathew last month. With every divorce, there is a divison of finances, and there is a lot of money to split between the two due to the enormous success of Beyonce.

As Beyonce’s manager, Mathew got approximately 25% of Beyonce’s $150M earnings during her career, which amounts to $37.5 million to date. Beyonce is set to sign a $300 MILLION deal with Las Vegas’ Wynn Casino. If that deal goes through, Mathew stands to get $75 MILLION.

BUT, after recently getting one of his jump offs pregnant, child support is going to hit Mathew in the head anyway.


Legally, Tina has a right to a portion of the funds, but I’m quite sure she is finacially secured as well. The lawyers will ensure she gets what she deserves. In the end, Mathew will lose more than his marriage…but also his money.

So, is it about love, or money? Shot out to for the tip. Let me know what yall think…

5th Annual Saving Our Daughters Bratz Toy Giveaway

Grammy Song Writer Sean Garrett teamed up with Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns new young actress, Logan Browning for the 5th Annual Saving Our Daughters Bratz Toy Giveaway. Over 100 little girls were surprised as they received their favorite Bratz Dolls by the celebs which also included Tiny taking a quick break time from her BET show to call the girls and give them a shout out.
The Saving Our Daughters event was sponsored by Sean Garrett and was supported by Radio One Hot 107.9 in Atlanta.

Don Vito111dfs
Veteran music producer Don Vito could possibly be Atlanta’s most known unknown producer. Before the city became the music hub of the south, “the urban legend” put in work to earn the title, having created smashes for A-town Hip Hop forefathers Raheem The Dream, Kilo and Ghetto Mafia to name a few. I had a wonderful time as I partied with the new homie, Superstar Producer Don Vito.

Gary, Indiana-made, Atlanta, Georgia-paid, the producer born Rodney Richard entered Hip Hop as a DJ studying Southern icons such as Grammy-winning DJ Toomp, star-making DJ Nabs and hit-crafting DJ Cooly C. Their duality as both DJ and producer would eventually rub off on Vito as he hopped from behind the tables and behind the board to produce artists that unbeknownst to him, would become Southern Hip Hop legends. Clear here to see all the pictures. READ MORE

Remember Me: Brandon Hammond?


Remember the lovable 12 year old Ahmad from “Soul Food”? His real name is Brandon Hammond. He’s 25 years old living in California pursuing his college degree. I really couldn’t find his twitter page, but I have to say he was one of those kids that was in all of the black classic films. Check out what he looks like now… READ MORE

La Toya Jackson been working hard to get to the money her mother gives her as fast as she can. La Toya was out shopping when she decided to call all of LA’s Paparazzi to come snap pictures of her shopping. When she sees them, she acts like she never knew they where coming…surprise.

She is currently working on her new album “Startin’ Over” which will be a up tempo dance feel good album. When released, it will be Jackson’s eleventh studio album. The release date had been rumored to be in December 2009, but has now been scrapped. Check out some pic’s of her…

Would ya’ll like to see Latoya come back to the music scene?

Madonna’s Dolce & Gabbana Ad Campaign

The Queen of Pop teamed up with famed photographer Steven Klein to capture a side of the star hardly ever seen: the housewife! Inspired by iconic Italian actress Anna Magnani in the 1951 Luchino Visconti film Bellissima, the ad campaign seeks to capture a woman’s human side through the simplicity of daily gestures, according to Dolce & Gabbana. Here are some of the Pic’s

Nicki Minaj has been in the game for a while, but I must says after hearing this story about her and Remy Ma I was lost for words. Apparently Remy Ma and Nicki use to be lovers and did all the things that girls who like girls do.  In the video above, Nicki calls Remy to prove everything,  but like most lovers who are upset with each other, Remy just hangs up.  Nicki then goes on to say Remy needs to stop acting funny…
This is part of what Nicki Said:

“I use to fuck with her straight off. I know her— I use to chill with her, smoke with her drink pop bottles with her and so on”…

“But I did have relation with her and all that at the box… Shhhh Shhh… She ate the box and all that.”

All I got to say is hey, she can eat what ever she like… LOL I bet Remy wish she had kept messing with Nicki, cause Nicki looking good as hell these days.

What ya’ll think?

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