Wyclef Jean has been on Twitter for the past 24 hours angrily pushing back against rumors that he is stealing funds from his Yele Haiti charity group, and that he used funds from the organization to pay an alleged mistress a six-figure salary. Zakiya Khatou-Chevassus, the alleged other woman, was paid $105,000 as an independent contractor, working for the charity in READ MORE

New Video: Rocko – Numbers

The homie Rocko just recorded his new video Numbers.. Check it out and tell me what you think?

Michael Jackson Is Still Making Moves…


Even from his graves, Michael Jackson is still making moves. According to sources, the Michael Jackson estate has signed a $250 million deal with Sony Music Entertainment. READ MORE

Allen Iverson Buys New Home In The ATL


Iverson bought a new home  on Paces Ferry Road, in Buckhead Georgia to help get away from all the craziness that he has been dealing with.  Groupies,  there is a gate so you will not be showing up at his doorstep.   Don’t think that because he is on sabbatical from the NBA he can’t afford it. He purchased the new home for $4.5 million after looking at pictures of it. I must saw  A.I. has money the long way. I hope he can keep it all .. Click here to see the Pics… READ MORE

Tiger Woods Just Wont Leave The Game Alone


Tiger Woods is getting back to what he does best: being a player… literally. Tiger Woods made a statement earlier stating that he will be returning to golf and will making his debut at the Masters in Augusta. The Masters are all too familiar to Tiger with it being that he has been before and won 4 times.

Below are a series of Tiger’s statements in reference to everything he currently has going on: READ MORE


DC rapper Wale is shooting his video for “Diary” today in Brooklyn, New York. RapRadar caught up with Wale, and was able to capture behind the scenes video footage. READ MORE

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How creepy is this. Last week, a daughter of James Brown claimed that the legendary singer’s body had gone missing. Now, according to a new report, the Godfather of Soul is still resting in a crypt on the property of another daughter, hopefully putting an end to this bizarre tale.

This odd case all started when LaRhonda Pettit, an illegitimate daughter of Brown, told UK’s Daily Mirror that Brown’s body disappeared from the home of Deanna Brown Thomas. Now, the funeral director who handled Brown’s burial says the body is in the same place it’s been since his death. READ MORE

Lil Wayne Prohibited From Signing Autographs In Jail


Incarcerated rap superstar Lil Wayne doesn’t need to worry about having a pen handy during his stay at New York’s Rikers Island. “Weezy” has been instructed not to sign one single autograph during his sentence. A rep for the Correction Officer’s Benevolent Association says the decision was made because, quote, “Lil Wayne is not a celebrity in here.” The rep adds that Wayne isn’t receiving any special treatment while behind bars. Lil Wayne received a year in jail for weapons charges on March 8th. The sentence stems from Wayne’s arrest in 2007 when New York police found him to be in possession of a handgun after a search of his tour bus. The “Mrs. Officer” rapper is expected to serve between eight and ten months.