Do People Still Care About Paris Hilton?

Paris Hitlon

Being a blogger for the past few years, I always run across celebrities who trust us, but what if your fame was based round a sex tape… 3 years ago, not a day went by that a web site didn’t post a story about PARIS and all of her drama. Lately for Paris Hilton, it seems that she has lost her reality star power, and quickly losing her relevancy. What do yall think?

Having just flown into town, Paris Hilton was spotted out at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City . The former “Simple Life” starlet was on-hand to do tonight’s Top Ten List duties on the “Late Show With David Letterman”.

Ten Americans Charged With Kidnapping In Haiti

People please stop going to countries trying to make yo own rules and doing what ever, cause they will lock yo ass up!!! That being said Ten Americans who allegedly tried to take 33 Haitian children into the Dominican Republic have been charged with kidnapping and criminal association. The five men and five women, said to be missionaries, were detained last week at the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.


They claimed they were taking the children to an orphanage where the kids would have a better life. The Americans allegedly lacked the government documents necessary to take the kids out of the country. Media reports indicated some of the children were not orphans.

Senator Scott Brown: People Are Fed Up


The new senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, was sworn in Thursday and promptly said people are “fed up” with the amount of money being spent by the federal government. Brown, a Republican, said the government is living beyond its means in President Obama’s proposed 2011 budget. He fills out the three years remaining in the term of the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

President Obama: Healthcare Reform Not Dead


President Obama hosted two fundraisers for the Democratic National Committee in Washington Thursday evening. During the second event, Obama told Democrats not to give up on healthcare reform just because the pundits are critical of it. He said the same people who are now asking what happened to the Obama Generation are the same people who said he didn’t stand a chance of being elected President. Obama said those who believed in his campaign for President didn’t listen to critics then and his election proved millions of people want to see an America that’s living up to it’s values and ideals. He reminded his audience he won’t quit in his quest to see an America in which everyone has “a decent shot at life.”


Last night Kandi, Tiny, Toya, Diamond, Rasheeda, Nivea, and Neffe all came together for there Boss B*tch night out. The girls got together for karaoke and their ‘tweet and meet’, where they performed Karaoke for a packed house full of loving fans who came out to show their love and support.

The event was hosted by Lil Duval and Special K. Also in attendance was Lyfe Jennings, Yung Joc, Daron from 112, Sir Will and Scrap Deleon all came out .

While in the building, the girls decided they were going to Sing and dance. Yall remember the Kandi and Fantasia TWERK Dance off? Well, I am trying to tell you, the girls did their thing. ESPECIALLY that damn Toya.


The new season of Tiny and Toya is set to hit the airwaves. They are letting these haters know they ain’t too proud to beg, and they want all fans to catch the first show of their hot new season, airing April 13.  They recently had a “meet and tweet” along with karaoke where they sung TLC’s “I ain’t too proud to beg”. Yall check it out and tell me what you think…

Lyfe Jenning’s Wants To Suck The Paint Off Your Toes!!


Tonight Lyfe Jennings came out to show his love and support to “Atlanta’s Boss B*tches.”  In doing so, they forced Lyfe to get up on stage and show everyone that he is truly talented. Lyfe Jennings is currently working on his new album,  due later this year.

Here is Jennings new single, his personal rendition of birthday sex, entitled  “Funeral Sex”.  Instead of celebrating your birth, Jennings sings about sexing ladies to death, along with other activities….but ladies, you got to play the video.

On a sidenote, while singing to the women, this negro said “suck the manicure off your feet…” whoooa my man. You gotta check out this track.

Michael Vick’s much anticipated redemption reality show “The Michael Vick Project” premiered on BET last night. In the show Vick blames his troubles on everything and everyone else around him. But was he really the victim ? Although I didn’t get to watch the show I was told that it might just be worth watching… The Show was created by my homie James Dubose… Here the first episode…