Lindsay Lohan Tweets Chris Brown – Let’s Meet Up

Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan reached out to R&B bad boy Chris Brown during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday via Twitter. She first tweeted about Chris Brown’s high-flying performance:

And which he retweeted with no problem. Then, what seems to be out of the norm for celebrities, she tweets:

Chris Brown has yet to respond publicly via Twitter, but who knows what is going on behind the scenes. READ MORE

Part Two of 4 Intimate Nights With Beyonce

Today Part 2 of new mommy-to-be, Beyonce’s 4 Intimate Nights dropped. In the documentary we see Beyonce get hands on with her concert telling someone exactly how she wanted the stage to be, the lightening, and even down to technical details telling them that she wanted her back up singers higher. Beyonce has really taken a leadership role in her career since Matthew hasn’t been her manager READ MORE

The-Dream has just dropped a new single called Wake Me When It’s Over from his free LP for fans. This song sounds like it might be a bit personal.  He discusses what seems to be a hate/love relationship with someone that he cared deeply for. In the end he realized that the relationship was over just as well as she should have realized. He even talks about taking bullets and exposing those who you love the most. READ MORE

NBA Player Arrested In California For Murder

Former Georgia Tech basketball star Javaris Crittenton was arrested last night at the John Wayne Airport in southern California. The star is wanted by Atlanta Police in the shooting death of 22-year-old mother of four Julian Jones (click here). The former Laker checked into a Delta Air Lines flight to Atlanta and was picked up by the FBI. There was no trouble arresting him and he will be held in police custody overnight. READ MORE

Rick Ross & Kreayshawn Fight At VMA

Jay-Z and Lil Wayne aren’t the only ones who met up for the first time since their beef started, Rappers Rick Ross and Kreayshawn met up back stage and heads nearly rolled. Kreayshawn, a hipster-rapper from Oakland, CA went hard at Rick Ross in a few freestyles. In one interview, she raps, “You tryna play me like a boss/but you’re faker than Rick Ross/I’ll f***ing cut your d*** off.”

During the VMAs, Rick Ross and Kreayshawn met up and and their crews went at it. Both took a back seat while Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group crew and Kreayshawn’s manager Stretch got into it.

Security got in and broke it up before things got too heated, but there definitely was potential for something physical to go down.

Check out the video: READ MORE

Beyonce’s Baby Breaks Twitter Records

Just like the baby’s power parents, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s new baby-to-be has broken records. Once Beyonce hit the red carpet and showed that baby bump, everything went crazy.

At that point, Twitter reported 8,868 tweets per second! The previously record setter occurred when Japan beat the U.S. Women’s soccer team this summer. READ MORE