NBA Legends from Left to Right… Dominique Wilkins, Gary Payton and Isaiah Thomas


NBA Star Lou Williams


 WNBA Atlanta Dream’s Angel Mccoughtry

The Dew NBA 3X Tournament is more than a basketball tournament, the events featured fan-friendly entertainment, including skills contests, celebrity appearances from personality India Love and Dew NBA 3X Ambassadors Dominique Wilkins, Lou Williams, just to name a few, and celebrity DJs, food trucks and more. Hall of Famer Gary Payton, a Dew NBA 3X Ambassador, appeared alongside local NBA players and legends, all of whom will interact with fans. As you can see, this weekend was filled with lots of NBA action packed fun !


Notorious B.I.G.


It is a legend’s birthday today everyone. I know by now you all have seen multiple posts on social media about Biggie Smalls and Bad Boy Records. As we all know P. Diddy is currently doing the Bad Boy Tour reunion and the day that he performs in New York just so happens to be the same day as Biggie’s birthday! Can we say perfect timing?

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Biggie was literally the anchor for Bad Boy Records and it’s only right for the reunion to tour in New York and for a performance to be done on the legend’s birthday. Have any of you all seen the movie done for Biggie explaining his life, called: Notorious BIG? If not, I strongly recommend it. It is an awesome film and it just confirms once again, how talented artist live through their music and connect with people. Legends are Legends and there is nothing else that compares.


Even though Biggie’s life was cut way too soon, we are thankful for the stories that he was able to share of his struggle while living, through his music. Being at that level of fame can be more than a lot to balance but it’s more than evident that it can be done and mastered with the right team of people and energy surrounding you.

May God bless Biggie’s family and allow us to continuously honor his legacy!




We have to all be on the same page!


President Obama is making moves once again people. If we are going to move forward as a country away from racism and segregation we have to alter the rules and terms which are old and connected with that as well. In the Federal Law, the terms “Negro” and “Oriental” were still present as if it is not 2016! Well, you know President Obama had to make that change while he still has the power to and we just got word that yesterday on May, 20th 2016, President Barack Obama signed the bill to have those words removed.

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You would think that since we always claim to be a country that is “for everyone” that we would actually abide by that principal in every aspect, but it seems not. President Obama said it’s time for a change when he was in the running to become President and he has done nothing but fulfill that promise. He has and is continuing to take certain steps in moving this country forward.


We all have the power to do whatever we want in this world. Not only has our President been a perfect and humble example of that through his words but most importantly through his actions. We will miss him so much by the end of this year. Thank you President Obama for addressing the minor but major details that still attach this nation to the terrible things that have previously occurred.

Don’t just talk the talk but also walk the walk. If you want change, then make it happen!


It’s about that time to start making your election sure. On a Sunday afternoon stroll with my family, we had the opportunity to cross paths with St. Johns County Commissioner Bill McClure of St. Augustine at Jacksonville, Beach in Jacksonville, Florida. Greeting my family with warm smiles and gracious hugs, Bill McClure and his wife passed out literature encouraging our community to vote for him as US Congress District 4 for the early voting starting on August 30, 2016.   READ MORE

Daddy Chris back at it!


Apparently Chris Brown had some comments to say about baby Royalty today. Baby Royalty takes dance classes and of course in dance class you wear leotards correct? Well, Chris had strong feelings about the picture that his baby mother posted of her sitting on the floor in her dance uniform because he felt it was inappropriate. What do you all think he said?

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Chris commented under the picture and said that he doesn’t think the picture is appropriate. However, Royalty’s mother felt different about it because she thinks that the picture is very innocent. She let Chris know that just because the world put negative stereotypes on everything that isn’t going to stop her nor her daughter from living their lives how they would like to.


How do you all feel about this because it could go a lot of ways. I don’t think the picture was provocative at all but we all know how protective fathers are. Does he have a right to feel the way he does? Of course that’s his daughter but simultaneously he can’t protect her from everything. It’s obvious that this journey of him being a father he will learn that the hard way.


We wish them the best!

Stacy Dash continues to disappoint!


You all remember Stacy Dash correct? You know the ones who made racist and negative comments about BET as if that network isn’t what put her on in the first place. Yeah, that one has done something even more absurd again! With the presidential elections around the corner many people have started to publicize who they will be endorsing. Stacy Dash, just let the world know as well and just because that girl is so backwards I bet you can guess who she endorsed!

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Yes, people she endorsed Donald Trump for president. If her prior chaos in the media didn’t convince you that this woman needs help then I hope this news does because this makes no sense for so many different reasons.


The fact that Stacy Dash is actually giving money to a presidential candidate, who if ever were elected, (God forbid) would literally make rules against her race is ridiculous. I get if you doubt your personal identity with a certain race but taking it this far is out of this world. I honestly do not know what goes through this woman’s mind but I don’t think I even want to know.

What do you all think about this? Agree? Disagree? Notice I didn’t put “don’t care” because that’s actually not an option at such high risk of destruction for this country.

Let me know your thoughts!


It’s safe to say Rihanna is completely unapologetic about her support for NBA superstar Lebron James. In her recent post on IG she tagged the married father of three in a picture of her in a swimsuit with the number “23” visibly on her stomach. The image follows a host of hints of a “friendship” between the too dating back to last summer when King James chartered a private jet so the Roc Nation Singer could attend the first game of the NBA Finals.




Okay, back to the story of Naomi Judd and Ray J I have an update people. So apparently Ray J got the words mixed up when telling us the story of Naomi Judd referring to grits as slave food. You want to know what she claims to have said instead?

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Naomi claims that she said she would never eat grits growing up because it was “poor people food.” Now, we all know this is a perfect opportunity for her to save face. My thing is, if you said what you said then leave it at that. There is no reason to try and go back to correct how you really feel. Ray J has no reason to make that story up, he is never in the media like that so the chances of him doing this for publicity are very slim.


Naomi is basically implying not only is he a liar for claiming she made such racist comments but also crazy. Hmm, now is this not exactly what slave masters used to do in the 50’s to reverse their words? Yes, actually I think it is. I do not think that Ray J came out of nowhere with that accusation, what about you?