The Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., is helping the family of Michael Brown with their memorial and funeral services.

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Over the weekend Kandi Burruss welcomed her Bedroom Kandi Consultants to Atlanta for their National Convention. Bedroom Kandi is changing lives one consultant and customer at a time.

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We had a great time meeting all the writers in the music industry. Check out pics from the state of the art studio !

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Chris Brown, Trey Songz Announce Upcoming Tour

chris-brown-trey-songz-tease-upcoming-tourChris Brown and Trey Songz are teasing an upcoming joint tour.  On Instagram, Trey announced plans for a road trip and asked fans to help create the tour’s title. READ MORE

DSC_6165Young Thug celebrated his birthday last night at Atlanta’s own Club Cruicial. The big birthday party was epic.
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Nicki Minaj Sued Over All-Star Appearance

nicki-minaj-sued-over-all-star-appearance is facing a lawsuit for allegedly skimping party-goers during 2011′s NBA All-Star Weekend. READ MORE

Beanie Sigel Released From Prison

beanie-sigel-released-from-prisonRapper Beanie Sigel is a free man after serving nearly two years in prison.  According to sources the rapper has been released from prison and transferred to a halfway house to make his transition easier.  READ MORE



The August edition of ATL Live on the Park returns this Tuesday, August 12th with an “All White Affair.” As always, the event will showcase unforgettable performances from R&B’s top, established and emerging artists. This month, expect performances from up-and-coming girl group, Havok Jones, Jamaican Pop sensation, Kris Kelli and in celebration of his new album Stronger, hit R&B artist, Tank. The “All White Affair” will be hosted by Revolt TV’s Kenny Burns with sounds from DJ Trauma and the house band, Quinn and Jukebox.



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