Trey Songz Gets In Fight With R&B Singer Joe


Whoever follow the homie Trey Songz on Twitter ( @SongzYuuup ) knows that he celebrated his birthday on many different occasions. But at his party held at Lounge 501 he ran into some altercations. talked to with some peps that were there, here is what they said…

R&B singer Joe was in the building, BUT he wasn’t a booked act. The club did their best to accommodate him, seating him in the same section that was Trey Songz. When Trey Songz arrived everything appeared to be fine and dandy, but that soon changed.

No one wanted to do the awkward “you have to move because this is Trey’s section” talk with Joe, and sources say Trigga (Trey for you slow ones) and his folks were “side-eyeing” Joe and his people, and they didn’t like that too much, and that’s when things got a little hectic.

Joe’s people decided to get buck with Trey’s folks and little tussle began. Sources say by the look of things Joe’s old ass and his people were not very victorious in the matter. As they were being escorted out the club by Trey’s security, they looked like some sad ass puppies. So at the end of the day Trey and his folks enjoyed the rest of the night and went home without a scratch on them, but as for Joe and his folks, I bet they won’t try to jump buck again. Here are some of the pic’s…


Birthday party with a purpose! Who other than – The Show Stopper Miss So So Sexy Decatur’s Finest  Shon Taylor &  P.I… The 2 have done it agin!! They have managed to shut down the entire S.Dekalb Cinema 12 Atrium after dark with a Birthday Party to remember. They decided to give back to the less fortunate by asking all in attendance to donate to 3 different charities. AID Atlanta, A food Drive for Hosea and A Coat Drive for Victoriuse women ministry and thanks to all that came out to support them, the party was a huge success. If I had to estimate the crowd, I would say a little over 700 people came out, here are some of the pic’s Click Here …. READ MORE


I have to tell yall people in the ATL have been talking and the world is that Ush’s new Boo is causing a little drama with him and his mama …  I really cant tell yall what going on that much yet but yall know I let yall know when that time comes …

Kredible Alerts is reporting that Usher’s new girlfriend Grace Miguel is upsetting his record label by taking over on the decision making for his upcoming album Raymond vs. Raymond. A insider told sources that the situation has become complicated, since Grace is still under contract with Def Jam and Usher has her calling all the shots and taking meetings with the bosses at Jive regarding his album. It was said that this matter has also upset Usher’s mother, who they say is, “mad that Grace is stepping on her toes and meddling in her management affairs”. Walking down the same path as before, sources say this predicament mirrors the one with Usher’s former wife Tameka Foster.

Oprah’s Mama Needs To Gon Head & Pay That Bill

Winfrey, Oprah

Looks like Oprah’s mama has been having some trouble paying her bills, but with Oprah as your daughter that shouldn’t be an issue right?

Well apparently Oprah’s mama Vernita Lee, was accused of basically saying f%^$ her bill for a Brookfield store called Valentina, in 2008. He attorneys arguement was that the store should not have given her credit because of her previous troubles paying their bills. I don’t know what kind of kush these lawyers are smoking, but if they think they are going to win their case with this lame a$$ arguement they got a whole ‘nother thing coming.

The shop’s co-owner, Tony Chirchirillo, says their settlement calls for the store to receive some of the $155,000 in credit that Lee spent. Lee’s attorney, Steven Gistenson, said Tuesday the dispute was now resolved without admission of wrongdoing or liability, but that was all the details given. A judge still must approve the settlement. A hearing has been scheduled for Dec. 7.

I don’t know what the hell is going on in this womans mind, but i also cannot help but to wonder if Oprah is helping her mom out at all. Then again her mama need to grow up and learn how to pay her gatdamn bills. She too grown fa that $hit.

Beyonce Not Making No Babies Only Albums


Beyonce made news during the final U.K. stop of her “I Am…” tour at the Trent FM Arena in Nottingham, England, by announcing plans to release a new album in 2010.

“This is my last show for this tour in the U.K., so hopefully, I’ll see you all in a year with a new album,” a raspy-voiced Beyonce told the crowd at the end of the set, before thanking them “from the bottom of my heart” for coming to the show.

Producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins confirmed the news on Twitter, recently posting that he’s working on some tracks for Beyonce’s upcoming album, reports Reuters.

Beyonce’s 2008 album, “I Am … Sasha Fierce,” has sold 2.5 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Here is Beyonce: I Am Yours (Thanksgiving Day TV Special)

Keyshia Cole Is Really Going To Be A Mommy


Rumors have been circulating about my homie Keyshia Cole being pregnant, well I am here to confirm that she is, she should be around 4-5 months now. Keyshia was out at a Cav’s game supporting her man Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, and was sporting a very visible baby bump. Keyshia has been on hiatus for a minute and just wants her fans to know its not permanent. She has been having some me time and enjoying her new family and her boo. I was also told that it was going to a baby boy. I just think Keyshia should name the baby FreddyO that would be great! LOL don’t ya’ll agree? Here are some pics below of them giving back to the community.