Wiz Khalifa’s girlfriend and Kanye’s ex Amber Rose says “she always knew fame was in her hand if she played her cards right.”


The beautiful blonde is featured on StyleCaster.com and is showing off a more softer side than normal.


She chops it up with them admitting that back in Philly her friends were thinking about who they would get pregnant by and she was thinking about how she was gonna take over L.A.


She also said that se’s completely serious about her music career, serious to the point where she has stopped smoking cigarettes to save her voice.



Real HouseWives of Atlanta Recap: Episode 7 Sheree’s Law

Whether your in Atlanta or not everyone loves them some ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta”. It usually airs on Sundays but BRAVO aired a special “court episode titled Law By Sheree”. It also showed a clip of one of the ladies reading something off of FREDDYO.com.



Jay Z, Beyonce, Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kanye West and Kanye’s date recently had dinner at an upscale restaurant.


Nothings abnormal about that right?


Well, it seems like Jay’s friend Gwyn was a little bored so he decided to entertain her, as he began to clown the waiter for Paltrow’s amusement.


Sources say “Jay was being a complete ass to the waiter, and complained constantly and very loudly that his meal wasn’t prepared to his satisfaction.”


Lindsay Lohans Leaked Playboy Shoot {Photos}


Lindsay Lohan recently lived out one of every “hollywood girl’s” dream,to pose in playboy. A couple days after the shoot Lindsays sexy pics hit the internet and everybody’s talkin about it.Lohan’s exclusive cover for Playboy is set to hit stands for the January edition.  Everyone was excited and enjoying the pics except for Playboy. Sources say that the pictures were released a week early and that Playboy was freaking out.

Their biggest fear is that the leak could cause damgage to the sales of the magazine. This issue was expected to be a best seller and I heard the company printed extra copies hoping that the sales would boost. They paid Lindsay a million dollars to pose nude for them (Sure she needed that) and now everyone has seen the “hot commodities”.


Im sure people will still pick up the issue regardless of the leak, I mean her stans, are welll…. STANS. Even, rapper 50 cent said he was gonna pick up a copy. (see story here).

Check out the exclusive pics of Lindsay!

Everyone’s favorite Brit, Adele has done it again, only she did it 4 times. Adele’s album”21″ has earned her the year’s highest certification to date.


The (RIAA) Recording Industry Association of America has awarded the singer a quadruple- platnum plaque for her sophomore album.


You earn platinum status when you sell one million units or over. Well, she has sold over 4 million units, I thought she was banking from her first album but it looks like the second album has her pockets “rolling in the deep). READ MORE

Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele Are Engaged

tylerGelila Bekele

I have to say i am kinda lost for words after reading on MediaTakeOut that Atlanta’s own Tyler Perry is engaged and is getting married. Just so yall know Gelila Bekele and I had a lot of common friends…. LOL HUmmmmm? Can you say story!!!!

Here’s what MTO had to say about the engagement:

Ladies and gents . . . the most eligible BLACK bachelor in Hollywood, Tyler Perry is about to be OFF THE MARKET

According to an IMPECCABLY CREDIBLE SNITCH, Tyler “girlfriend” model Gelila Bekele told friends in New York on Monday that she and Tyler are talking about getting married.

According to one of Gelila’s pals, the couple have already looked at rings, and are scouting locations for the nuptials. READ MORE


Wow, really? Like really? Why won’t people let Michael Jackson’s soul, body and items rest in peace?  Its one thing to auction off his house to the public (Click Here For Story), but its another to  take his Hair and turn it into a Russian Roulette Ball. Wow. What a gamble. An online casino has just contributed to the wacko for Jacko list with this one.



Monica Talks Mary J. Blige Collaboration + Party Photos

R&B singer and my homie  Monica recently sat down with BET to talk about her new album and possibly a collaboration with best friend and singer Mary J. Blige. Monica’s new album “New Life” which has been pushed back to February next year will be a treat to fans. The “Until It’s Gone” singer says,


“I have a couple of different people that I really like to work with, I’ve always wanted to work with R. Kelly, I’ve always wanted to work with Mary [J. Blige],” Monica admits.  I wanted to save that for last because I think it’s always good when you sit down with artists that you admire and love and play them songs and see if anything touches them.”

*****Click Here To See All The Photos****

“Miss Thang” also did an interview with New Music Director. She talks about inspiration for her new album “New Life,” Brandy, Touring, and more. READ MORE