Gucci Mane is going to be remaining behind bars for a little while longer. The “AJC”  is says a judge in DeKalb County, Georgia denied his motion for reduced jail time last Friday.
Gucci, whose real name is Radric Davis, received a six-month sentence back in September after pleading guilty to charges of battery, reckless conduct and disorderly conduct.

The charges stem from an incident last January in which Gucci reportedly shoved a woman out of his moving vehicle.
The emcee’s attorney had asked that the sentence be cut in half in exchange for Gucci performing a concert on behalf of the DeKalb County Battered Women’s Shelter. Unfortunately for Gucci, the judge ruled that it wouldn’t be “appropriate to let him out just because he’s a rapper.” READ MORE

Children from 17 elementary schools from Washington and nearby Virginia and Maryland school districts were invited for an evening of fun with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Children from the Boys and Girls Club of America and children from military families also participated and were invited to a Halloween party at the White House.

The children munched on dried fruit, M&Ms and White House baked cookies. Although the weather wasn’t on their side, the power couple maganged to still look fabolous as ever.

Commenting on the wet weather and nearly freezing temperatures, Obama said to nearby reporters: “I know it’s cold here, you guys doing alright? It’s not ideal out here.” Michelle Obama hugged several of the children and even wrapped one shivering child with her overcoat, declaring, “Oh, she’s freezing!”

“What’s this? Look at this guy,” the president said at the sight of one costumed child. “A headless man. Terrifying!”. Even on the brink of a Presidential Election, jobs bill fight with the Senate and the War oversees. Obama is still able to remain humble,poised and optimistic. Check out pics from the Halloween gatheringn at The White  House!

What would you do if you were invited to the White House? Here Are All the pic’s READ MORE

“In Living Color” Returns Spring 2012

Many of us growing up watching “In Living Color” during the early 90s, now we will get another chance to. FOX announced they will bring back the comedy show in the Spring of 2012. The new show will have two TV specials and will be hosted by the creator, executive producer, and sometimes actor, Keenan Ivory Wayans. “In Living Color” first aired on Fox on April 15th, 1990 and ended on May 19th, 1994. The show was heavily written by the Wayans brothers (Keenan, Damon, Shawn, and Marlon) and sister Kim. READ MORE

Oprah’s best friend Gayle King has done something no one thought she would ever do. On her OWN talk, she invited Curtis James Jackson – a/k/a 50 Cent – to talk about bullying, but before the talk could commence, she took a moment to share with the audience her new piece of body-art.

On her left bicep, King has a temporary tattoo of the face of rapper and now actor 50 Cent along with his name. He appears in a do-rag and fitted cap. Perhaps it’s a kind gesture since Fif has a cat named Gayle and a dog named Oprah.

At one point, King joked about the possibility of a relationship together and how the tabloids would react to such a story. READ MORE

After weeks of rehearsals and much anticipation Jay Z and Kanye West will be in Atlanta to kick off  their highly anticipated Watch The Throne tour at Phillips Arena. With Halloween around the corner fans in Atlanta are in a for a special treat!  ‘Ye’ and’ Jay’ will remain in town long enough to perform another show on Saturday night (October 29). According to Phillips Arena manager Bobby Breedlove, concertgoers will be thrilled by the production. READ MORE

Angela and Vanessa Simmons were spotted yesterday at Millions of Milkshakes out in West Hollywood, California. The duo got to create their own signature milkshake called “A La Pastry” which was picked by a twitter follower. Look inside for more hot pics. READ MORE

Diamond And Souljah Boy Back Together?

Are Diamond and Souljah back together? Recently the femcee tweeted pictures of her and Souljah Boy looking a little lovey dovey. Last I heard, they weren’t together but maybe they’ve rekindled some old memories. You tell me! READ MORE

This is one artist collaboration that I didn’t see coming. Jill Scott and Paul Wall have released a new video for Jill’s So Gone (What My Mind Says). The video is really steamy too. In the video, Jill and Paul play love interests and Jill is talking about the topic that had her name swirling this summer: being d*ckmatized. Check inside for the hot video. READ MORE