Rapper Nas is reportedly refusing to send the full amount of money requested to free kidnapped concert promoter Patrick Allocco and son after his concert no show.

Nas was scheduled to perform a New Year’s Eve show but a confusion with the flights led to him missing the show completely. The concert promoter Patrick Allocco and his son was then kidnapped at gunpoint and held at ransom. The kidnappers claim Nas is responsible for the kidnapping. Them Africans don’t play… READ MORE

Pilar Sanders wants everyone to know she’s NOT an adulterous floozie who cheated on Deion, and wants to take a lie detector test to prove it.

Sanders told TMZ she is still pissed about the allegations Deion’s daughter Deiondra made about her during an epic Twitter rant last month and I have to  say Deiondra went in!!!! In the Tweets Deiondra claimed Pilar was a “gold digging h*e” who cheated on her father.

Now, Pilar’s attorney, Larry Friedman, tells TMZREAD MORE

Bruno Mars Addresses Cocaine Arrest Incident

bruno mars

Fans of Bruno Mars were shocked after he was busted two years ago in Las Vegas for possessing cocaine. He somehow managed to avoid going to prison or serving the community by pleading guilty and giving condition that he’ll stay out of trouble for the next year. But he never spoke up about that.

For the first time after two years, the singer has told Piers Morgan Tonight that he doesn’t live his life with regrets nor does he dwell on anything. He said, “It happened, it must’ve happened for a reason.”

He added that the arrest case is something he moved past and he hoped that everyone else he came across would move past it as well.

Pretty simple and straight answer to the incident, right? Now check out a bunch of photos I caught on Taletela of Bruno Mars in London.

Chaz Bono is Saving to Buy a Penis

Chaz Bono, who was born Chastity, has finally spoken up about what’s going on down there. He said that he’s saving his money to buy a penis. My question is how do you just go and buy a penis?!!!!! LOL READ MORE

Big Meech Mama Fires Back at So-Called BMF Wives

Big Meech, the head of Black Mafia Family Entertainment has responded to the ladies who are trying to put out a reality show calling themselves BMF Wives. Big Meech is still behind  bars, but used his Mama to reach out to the world and let people know that the BMF chicks are all frauds. READ MORE

Evelyn Lozada put her wedding plans with Chad Ochocinco on hold after she suspected that Ocho was cheating on her.  Apparently this foolery has made Ocho concerned as he finally apologized and reportedly said that he’d do whatever it takes to win Evelyn back…. (right) #the side eye! READ MORE


Reality show star Kim Kardashian came under spotlight after Amber Rose accused her of causing the breakup between her and her ex-boyfriend Kanye West. Amber not only called Kim a ‘homewrecker’ but also accused her of sending appealing photos to Kanye.

In a tweet sent by Kim Kardashian, she replied to Amber’s accusation writing,

“Remember, people only rain on your parade because they’re jealous of your sun & tired of their shade.”

Amber is yet to reply to Kim’s comment. Meanwhile, after Amber referred to her boyfriend Wiz Khalifa as being husband, a new rumor has sparked whether the two are getting married anytime soon.

What do you think? Who is the culprit? Kim Kardashian or Amber Rose? Why?

Check out photos of Kim Kardashian with her mother partying at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas over the weekend. READ MORE

A father of two premature kids is accusing Beyonce’s security guards of not letting him enter the hospital where his wife delivered twins.

According to sources, Beyonce’s daughter named Blue Ivy Carter was born at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City this Saturday night. But the security the couple reportedly deployed for a reported $1.3 million interrupted others as well. READ MORE