Hip Hop lovers have been eagerly waiting for T.I.‘s much anticipated mixtape “F*ck Da City Up.” Well, the wait is over as the mixtape has been released. The mixtape features many artists including Dr. Dre, 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, Young Jeezy and many more. See the list of tracks on the album and download link inside. READ MORE

It appears some talented graphics designer wanted to make fun of the vampire guy in spotlight. A fake cover of PEOPLE magazine went viral on the Internet with Twilight star Taylor Lautner on it.

According to the fake cover created by some Internet pranksters, the star is said to be tired of rumors and deciding to finally come out. It also quotes Lautner as saying, “I’m more liberated, and happier than I’ve ever been. Not to mention the big headline on the cover that reads, “Taylor Lautner : Out & Proud.” READ MORE

Dollicia Admits To Dating Drake

Drake got him a HOT chick!!! Dollicia Bryan who we originally thought was dating Kim Kardashian’s ex Kris Humphries just last week quickly went against those reports saying that those were just rumors and clarified that all her attention is now on Drake.

According to sources, Dollicia’s confirmed that she’s dating rapper, Drake, and that they are having a ‘good time’ and that both of them are now in Los Angeles. P.S. why is this news?

Dollicia and Drake met back in January. But at that time  Dollicia was dating Hill Harper. After one year, their acquaintance turned into a relationship (or just a Jump OFF date? Whatever) as Dollicia’s relationship with Hill Harper failed. READ MORE

Dope Gadgets: Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper

Some absolutely crazy stuff over at This Is Why Im Broke caught my attention as I discovered this new type of toilet paper that glows in the dark. Regardless of how awkward or awesome it seems, it may actually be handy for some people who would go to the bathroom in the middle of the night in half-awake mode.


Though that raises some question as well. Even if you’re half-awake, your bathroom must have a bulb, right? So, when you turn on the light, you shouldn’t have any problem figuring out where exactly is the toilet paper when you’re done.

Basically, that leads me to think that this toilet paper will be very useful for when the bulb in your bathroom is fused, when you want to scare somebody in dark and particularly when you want to have a DJ party in a dark room!

You can get your toilet paper for $6.87 from Amazon. What would you use it for if you were to get it? I don’t think people will waste it wiping because this is some stuff you don’t see in every store, right?

I hope Kesha don’t find out about this new toilet paper!!!!!


We all know that the recent fight on “Love & Hip Hop” that Erica Mena alleged to have ruined her career. She said that she asked VH1 to remove the scene as she believed that she was presented as being the bad guy. However, the star she engaged in fight with named Kimbella Vanderhee has alleged that Erica was indeed the bad guy!


In an interview with the YBF, the reality star said that Erica was a crack whore and the viewers will see more of that as the show continues to air on VH1. When asked whether she knew Erica before the show, she said that she didn’t know but was confident enough to reveal that “Erica was found stripping in the Valley and giving blowjobs for $200.”

This leaves us as shocked to hear …. Here’s Part of the interview: READ MORE

Remember the recent violence across the states for the new Nike Jordan 11 Concord sneakers after it was released?  Now, community leaders are holding Nike and Michael Jordan responsible for the countrywide violence and asking them to make the shoes more affordable and accessible to consumers. Watch the video below: READ MORE

While other celebrities are partying in Vegas, pop sensation Justin Bieber has taken a new path with Jaden Smith to celebrate the new year with a new track titled “Happy New Year. Justin announced his new music on Twitter saying that he wanted to say thank you for an amazing 2011 he then said that the new music will be released at midnight in New Year’s Eve. Here’s the new track….

Soulja Boy Under ATF Investigation


The bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms wants to get there hands on Soulja Boy to find out were a he got his cash, weed and stash of guns from.


We reported back in October that his car was pulled over by cops and he was arrested. They found him  with four other guys(my homies) in the car with the illegal materials.


Now, the bureau is lunching an investigation to find out where these guns came from.


Just so yall know, Soulja boy was not charged of anything although he is under investigation by ATF, according to Temple Georgia Police Chief Tim Shaw who confirmed this report. READ MORE