Nicki Minaj is going to back to her first love: acting! She has recently joined the case of Ice Age: Continental Drift. This will be the fourth movie in the Ice Age series. We know that Nicki went to New York’s popular LaGuardia High School of Music & Art & Performing Art. Now she has the perfect opportunity to showcase her talent that we saw a hint of in her E! Special. Nicki’s joining a cast of other celebs as well including Jennifer Lopez, Drake, Queen Latifah, and many more. READ MORE

Rihanna is always wearing something sexy. Seems the singer is taking a turn to show her flair for sexy bikin’s (I know yall haven’t forgotten that Kadooment Day bikini). This time she’s been seen sporting this strappy, white bikini in Barbados. She’s got a perfect body that’s complimented by her new hair color too. It’s looking more and more natural everytime we see her out. Today she has a big concert in her homeland Barbados, so I guess she took some time to chill out before working hard.  Catch more pictures after the break. READ MORE

Fantasia Barrino Baby Is Due In December

Fantasia Barrino will apparently be spending part of the holiday season welcoming her new bundle of joy. A source tells the former “American Idol” winner’s baby is due on December 29th. The insider adds that Fantasia and her boyfriend, Antwaun Cook, are both “excited to be having the baby around the holidays. READ MORE

Soulja Boy Removes Face Tattoos


Soulja Boy, who recently celebrated his 21st birthday in Miami, had the tattoos removed from his face. SODMG, 4 Life, the crosses, etc., have been taken off.

He tweeted the drastic move yesterday:

Why do you think he’s dropping the tats?  He may be trying to get a corporate job?



I’m sure all Chris Brown fans are in a frenzy right now with the release of his new mixtape Boy In Detention. We recently got the art work for the album and now we’ve got the mixtape. I’m currently downloading my version of the mixtape as we speak and listening to it on Notable people featured on the mixtape are every teenage girl’s dream Justin Beiber, Kevin McCall, Swizz Beatz, Tyga, and Wiz Khalifa just to name a few. READ MORE

Happy Birthday to President Barack Obama! Soul singer Jennifer Hudson went to Chicago yesterday to give him a special gift: her rendition of Happy Birthday! Everybody knows that Jennifer’s got vocals and this song was no different. She made a visit to the Aragon Ballroom and looked fabulous as always showing off her great figure. Check the video out below: READ MORE

Ne-Yo To Release A Mixtape

R&B stars know what it takes to stay in the game: release a mixtape. Ne-Yo now joins the list with Chris Brown and The Dream for must have mixtapes. I have a feeling that Ne-Yo’s mixtape is going to be something a tad bit different thought. Earlier today, he revealed that his mixtape would be hosted by funny man Kevin Hart. I wonder if he’s going to release a parody type of mixtape or is it going to be similar to the music that we know and love him for? Nonetheless, he said that this mixtape is just something to hold us over until his album comes out. This is definitely the way to go it seems in 2011. Don’t keep your fans! Release a mixtape! Check out his tweets: READ MORE

Nicki Minaj 911 Call Audio Released By Dallas Police

TMZ reporters have gotten a hold of audio from rapper Nicki Minaj’s 911 call in Dallas, TX. Official police documents have surfaced and of course a variety of other rumors. Now, there is audio to go along with the story. What more evidence is needed? In the audio we hear the hotel manager speaking with the 911 operator. In the background you can clearly hear Nicki in the background going off. We even hear a bit of audio stating “I want my luggage.” READ MORE