Tila Tequila almost died after having a brain aneurysm, reports RadarOnline. The former star of “A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila” was released from the hospital on Monday after a weeklong stay.

Source reports Tequila, 30, suffered a brain aneurysm in the middle of the night, and to cope with the pain she took two bottles of “unspecified heavy prescription drugs.”

“Tila threw up all over her bed after overdosing and felt like she was dying. She was screaming for help, and in desperation, broke her bedroom window and attempted to jump out,”  a friend came over after receiving texts and found her convulsing on the bed source report. READ MORE

Queen Latifah is joining forces with The CW to find the next great vocal talent. Latifah was once a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, but from the looks of things, Queen may have fallen off of the weight loss wagon.

The Grammy award winner and Oscar-nominated actress was spotted enjoying the sun and surf last week on a beach in Barbados.

Sources report the CW network has given the greenlight to Latifah and Dave Broome’s new singing competition “The Star Next Door.” Pop singer Gloria Estefan and country star John Rich are set to star as mentors. Additional mentors will also be added in the coming weeks. “The Star Next Door” will go across the country to find talented, undiscovered voices. However, rather than bringing the hopefuls to Hollywood, “The Star Next Door” will have the mentors travel to the contestant’s home town to help them prepare for performances on live television. “The Star Next Door” is scheduled to debut sometime this summer.

Over the weekend  R. Kelly, Jermaine Dupri and Fantasia were book for a CIAA party in Charlotte. Kelly, labeled as the host of the event, stepped on stage and sing a small part from his classic single, “Bump n’ Grind.” However, Fantasia took offense and when the Charlotte native took the stage, told the crowd, “I come to give you your money’s worth. I find that disrespect when things happen like that, especially in my city.”

Kelly seemed offer the bump, but not so much the grind. On the other hand, on the event flier Fantasia was the only one specifically labeled as a performer at the event. READ MORE

Maia Campbell Off Drugs and Back Healthy

Hello Beautiful reports Maia Campbell  resurfaced and looks healthier than ever! The “In The House” actress granted Get Noticed Media an in depth interview where she reveals that she has been sober for two years now! It seems like just yesterday we were watching an Internet video of the beauty strung out on drugs.

She has turned her life around and is working on a music career, movie and book! Check out the video below. READ MORE

LaToya Jackson says her brother Jermaine(29) was once romantically involved with the late Whitney Houston(20).  LaToya stopped by CBS’ “The Talk” on Monday where she confirmed that Jermaine had an affair with Whitney in the 1980s. READ MORE

Here is some world news from our people over seas… 17 year old maid, Pelagia Mureya was found guilty of willful transmission of HIV after her fresh blood was found in the cereal she was feeding a child she was taking care of.

A court attendant who listened to the ordeal vomited while listening to the details of this nasty ordeal. Cops say on February 13 2012, the accused cooked porridge for the child who was headed to daycare. After preparing the porridge, Pelagia then fed the child. As the child ate the mother noticed a drop of blood in the porridge and ordered her child to stop eating. READ MORE

Its not looking good for Chris Brown’s freedom after he allegedly stole a fan’s cell-phone after she took a picture of him in the back of a car.



Although we really don’t know Chris side, others saw this as a violation of Browns parole given his violent outburst against Rihanna a few years back.



HollywoodLife has learned what it will take for Chris to avoid going to jail for allegedly stealing a woman’s phone in Miami.
Sources say Brown was accused of stealing a woman’s cell phone Feb. 19 in Miami, and now he could find himself behind bars!

“Chris may be arrested for robbery, and not the lesser charge of larceny, because he used force by ‘snatching and grabbing’ the iPhone,” Los Angeles attorney Mychal Wilson tells us. READ MORE


(This post is Rumors from around the net) Word is on the streets Beyonce is NOT as innocent as you guys would like to think she is. I really don’t know how true the story below is but I will say I know for a fact more than 70% of the story below is true and there is more to the story that was not told. If you have ever wonder anything about “B”  here’s your chance to find out all the dirt…

1. Rita Ora-Jay Z and Beyonce have threesomes with new songstress Rita Ora. Beyonce and Rita have a close relationship, if you know what I mean. Beyonce likes to get it on with Rita without Jay Z, which has caused strains in their relationship. THINK ABOUT IT, why else would Beyonce, who is very insecure when it comes to other female acts have Rita Ora, a pretty young thang around her husband 24/7? Beyonce didn’t like Rihanna especially since Jay Z had a affair with her and that’s why they are rarely photoed together even though Beyonce and Jay Z consider her a “little sister”. READ MORE