Rumors have been flying around that the lovely Toni Braxton may be joining the cast of the hit musical Chicago. Chicago will become the longest running musical in Broadway history at the end of the month. Let’s hope she gets it. She’s also starred in Beauty and the Beast and Aida.

Toni is also still considering the semi-nude photo shoot for playboy. I say what the hell, go for it, you’ve been on the cover of everything – from Vibe to Upscale.

In another Toni news, her bankruptcy was approved and she’ll be able to keep her Grammy Awards, Tiffany Jewelry and the ’95 Porsche.

Brain-eating Bug Kills 3rd Person

There’s a new danger to hit the beach and it’s not sharks or jellyfish…but amoebas! Amoebas are an extremely common organism that live in fresh water. The specific name is “Naegleria fowleri” and they enter your brain through your nose. It was announced today that a third person has died from the amoeba, which eats the brain of its victims and eventually causes meningitis. The amoeba is found in stagnant water and takes about two weeks to kill its victim. Even when diagnosed early, the amoeba can’t be stopped. Two children and a teenager have been infected so far, and 32 people were infected between 2001 and 2010. READ MORE

Drama At Sherri Shepherd’s Wedding

We recently announced Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally’s wedding this week (click here) but it seems all was not as pristine as it seems. Actually, the parents of the lovely couple hated the fact that they were getting married! Sherri’s father feels that she shouldn’t be the one supporting the family and hates that she’s making the new hubby her manager. Lamar’s mother just doesn’t like Sherri and Sherri has said on the show that her new mother-in-law would say how much she liked Lamar’s previous girlfriend better than Sherri! READ MORE

Teen Beaten For $900 Gucci Bag

Wow, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has recently reported a kid getting beaten for a $900 Gucci bag. Here’s the story:

A 13-year-old boy required medical attention after being robbed of his Gucci backpack and beaten outside the theater Friday night at The Avenue Forsyth near Cumming. The teen sustained cuts and abrasions in the assault and was punched in the face, police said. READ MORE

I  don’t really know what former Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin has been up to but I’m assuming it’s not been great. Her storage unit went on sale and some man out in California bought it. Now he’s putting all kinds of Destiny’s Child memorabilia up for sale via ebay. In the item description area he lists that there are rare, never before seen photos of Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle, and even Jay-Z. I would also gather that Farrah was a pretty detailed oriented person (or a hoarder) being that she kept passes for Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera from way back in 2000.

She also made it a point to keep her personal calendar from 2000 listing all of Destiny’s Child’s activities. There were also some more interesting items in the storage unit including the original letter from Matthew Knowles dissing her from the group (it’s pen signed too!). READ MORE

Happy Birthday FreddyO + My First Song

I wanna give a Happy Birthday shoutout to myself! FREDDYO!! Your boy just turned 28 and we bout to celebrate tonight at Opera Nightclub here in ATL. Come through and show your boy some love. Some of y’all may think I’m getting old, but I’m just getting started!

I decided to redo that age old classic – And I Am Telling You from Dreamgirls – but with a twist. Check it out and Tweet me what you think @freddyo on Twitter. I have the real video coming soon!!!! Tell me what you think?

Yo I will be accepting gifts in the form of money on Paypal – … LOL

Pregnant Fantasia Ordered To Bed Rest

Singer Fantasia Barrino was scheduled to perform at Bronner Brothers International Hair Show on Saturday, but has since been replaced by Kelly Price. The Hair Show posted this message:

New Update: Due to medical conditions, Fantasia has been placed on bed rest and will not be performing at the show. However, the lovely and talented Kelly Price is now scheduled to be the headliner for Saturday evening.

The singer officially confirmed her pregnancy last month after months of speculation. Seems the doctor has ordered her on bed rest. I wonder if all that deep, soulful singing is good for the baby? What you think?

Teairra Marie is no stranger to drama with her record labels (she’s already been through R0c-A-Fella, and now Warner Bro.Records). Thankfully though she’s finally said good bye to Warner Brother Records and is now signed to Rico Love’s Division 1 label. Hopefully her fans can get this long awaited sophomore album. This information came out to the world in behind the scenes footage of her new song That’s All Me. READ MORE