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Tyrese Wrapping Up Transformers 3 Movie

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Tyrese has been busy getting his Hollywood grind on filming two films, Fast & Furious 5 and Transformers 3. While I haven’t seen all he Fast & Furious movies, Transformers has definitely been on my radar. Transformers II had more action and special effect but lacked the emotion and humor with the character that sold me on the first Transformers movie. Hopefully in the third sequel, the producers can manage to bring back the emotions and humor while keeping the hard core action.

Check out some of the still shots from Tyrese filming Transformers 3. Read More »

Glamour Magazine 20th Annual Women of the Year Awards

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Janet Jackson killed it last night’s for GLAMOUR 2010 Women of the Year Awards. Is it me or dose Janet look better than she has ever look.


Glamour magazine held its 20th annual Women of the Year Awards at Carnegie Hall in Manhattan on Monday night, filling the stage with leaders like Jordan’s Queen Rania and President Dalia Grybauskaite of Lithuania to entertainers with humanitarian side projects like Julia Roberts and Fergie Other attendees inclue like Janelle Monae, Oprah, Gayle King, Sherri Shepherd, Lisa Leslie and many more here are all the pic’s. Read More »

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Lil Wayne Shows Us How Black People Will Be Dressing 3 Months From Now

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So yall know that the general public loves to look at celebs and watch what they are wearing to decide how to dress. In this pictures above Wayne takes us back to the 1990s… Wayne started that new thug skinny leg jean trend and now its time to go old school, wait watch and see.  P.S. I like the shirt…  What yall think?

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Nicki Minaj Covers Black Men Magazine SSX

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In the latest issue of Black Men Magazine SSX, the sometimes Roman rapper Nicki Minaj has an elaborate spread for SSX’s audience. Lots of skin! Check out the pictures. Read More »

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You Got To See This: Driscoll Middle School Trick Play

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I was watching “The View” today and saw this. The video is from a recent football game featuring the squad from Driscoll Middle School in Corpus Christi, Texas, pulling off what’s arguably one of the most epic trick plays in teenage history. Watch the quarterback’s insane, impressive stunt inside. Yall have got to watch it… Too funny!!!! Read More »

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Kanye Goes Sky High with an Impromptu Delta Flight Performance

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Forget paying $200 for a front row concert seat at Madison Square Garden, just buy a Delta ticket and you can get your own personal concert from the Rap divo Kanye West. On a flight from Minneapolis to New York, Kanye took over the speakers and did a quit rap to “Gold Digger”.

One of the passenger on the plane caught short video footage of the performance. Check it out. Read More »

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Miley Cyrus Blames Herself For Her Parents’ Divorce

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Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Miley Cyrus is taking it really hard after finding out that her parents were getting a divorce hard. Sources say that she blames her success for her parents’ divorce.

Here’s what a friend of Miley’s had to say about it:

“Both parents have been equally involved in making their daughter a superstar. And now that they have achieved their goal they have nothing to work towards anymore and nothing to keep them together.” Read More »

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Oprah Interview with The Jackson Family

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Yesterday, the much anticipated Jackson family interview with Oprah aired. From Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, Katherine and Joe Jackson sat down with the queen talk show diva and discussed everything from raising Michael Jackson as a young child, his health, his fame, insecurity with his looks, his marriage, to his death.

When word leaked earlier this month that Michael’s parents had agreed to the interview with Oprah, Michael’s brother, Randy Jackson, vented on twitter and expressed his feelings about Oprah stating that Winfrey was  “last person on earth” Michael would want around her kids.

All in all, the interview was respectful and shed more light on Michael Jackson and the type of man he was. Check out the videos after the jump. Read More »

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Chris Brown Pay’s Off Photographer For Beating Him Up

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Photographer Robert Rosen, who claimed he was beat up by Chris Brown’s bodyguard last May, has settled his lawsuit against the singer. Both parties settled on October 28th, although terms of the settlement have not been revealed. Rosen is claiming that Brown’s bodyguards roughed him up after he took a picture of him playing basketball. He also alleges that LA Fitness did nothing to protect him once he fell down the stairs after being chased.

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