The 2015 Essence Music Festival was powered by some of the biggest companies in America. As a man that’s all about my hustle and grind I like to situate myself around people and businesses that are getting it and making a difference in the community. There were stages for all music types and interests and it was epic! These companies know how to have a good time and most importantly know how to give back to the community.


Check out the details below.


The title sponsor of the 2015 Essence Music Festival was Coca-Cola the taste of summertime fun. Guests were encouraged to enjoy coca colas and get their party on to the beat of some of the hottest DJs including Biz Markie and Manny Fresh. The Coca Cola Pavilion was nothing short of sheer epicness. Fans had the opportunity to watch the DJ’s spin on big screens or look up and see them do their thing in the booth. Roland Martin even came over and showed the fans he is all about dancing when good music is played.





There was the Ford Motor Company showroom showcasing their hot new cars and information about how guests could walk away with a hot new ride to enjoy the rest of the summer. I got my eyes on that hot sports car. Can’t you just see me riding clean and straight stuntin in that thing?





There was the McDonalds‘ replicate that had me feigning for a big mac and a supersize container of hot fries. Guests were able to enjoy tons of social media fun with the oversized instagram banners that’s perfect for a social media post. My favorite were the spirited McDonald workers who kept the crowd entertained.





Essence Music Festival is all about the ladies and their partnership with My Black Beautiful is perfect synergy. Ladies of all ages waited patiently in line to get their complimentary makeovers. Nothing like a little lip gloss and blush to make a girl feel good about herself!


The Samsung station was so dope with the hottest in technology from dope phones to high performance tablets. In addition to checking out the devices guests were entertained by their stage that had various acts and cool conversations.


The State Farm stage was all about educating the guests on the benefits of insurance. Essence Festival is about entertainment but it’s really about educating our people about services that’s beneficial to having a better quality life. Their stage involved speakers and crowd participation that ensured guests were happy, informed,and most importantly empowered to pursue a better life.




The Verizon Stage was so cool with it’s performances to live interviews with dope personalities. Can you hear me now is a way of life not only for telephones but for quality living which means fun, information, and cool telephone/wireless reception.



Walmart rounded out the sponsors for the 2015 Essence Music Festival with a cool stage including the both Steve Harvey and his hilarious Family Fued to the iconic Gospel Show featuring David and Tamela Mann, Deitrick Haddon, Tasha Cobb and many more. The Walmart stage was a crowd favorite because who don’t like a little laughter and praise?





As you can see the 2015 Essence Music Festival was everything check out the rest of the photos here.


























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