I am so honored to be a member of the charter class for the 2015 Sit Sum Atlanta Conference hosted by the City of Atlanta. Sit Sum Atlanta is a dope conference that presents all that the City of Atlanta has to offer from hotel accommodations, fine dining, culture, and southern fun!


Check out the details below.

The City of Atlanta powered the first ever Sit Sum Atlanta Conference an opportunity to introduce taste makers from all walks of life to an intimate getaway powered by the City that included educational workshops, excursions, and a posh stay at the W Atlanta Midtown. The invitation only weekend getaway was an intimate opportunity for a group of bloggers, media consultants, and content curators to come together to learn more about the City and have a little fun. As a man that stay working hard; this was a welcomed opportunity!

The weekend started Thursday afternoon with a #WeLoveATL photography walking tour by Tim Moxley showcasing the city’s most “Instagrammable” areas. We got the opportunity to check out cool spots around Piedmont Park that is perfect for an “Instagram Flex” and learn all about the #WeLoveATL movement that is powered by love for the City of Atlanta, photography, and philanthropy.

That evening we  were welcomed by to have a dope happy hour at the W Midtown where we listened to the sounds of 3DTheBoss while enjoying delicious cocktails. The W Midtown is a dope space to host parties, have drinks with friends, or a wonderful romantic getaway for those of you participating in “Winter Boo” season.

Later that evening we were able to take the party to Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens that included a tour of the beautiful gardens and a delicious meal by Chef Eugene. If you never had a chance to make it to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens you are are truly missing a treat. We enjoyed drinks, tasty bites, and beautiful scenery. The treat of the evening was our opportunity the Miles of Optic Fiber Exhibit by Internationally Acclaimed British Artist Bruce Munro.

Friday was all about getting our education on at the Woodruff Arts Center. I had the opportunity to attend a seminar headed by Doug Busk of Coca Cola that discussed the power of marketing and social media. That conversation was so thought provoking and got my brain churning with tons of ideas!

That evening after resting a bit in my room overlooking the city; I made my way to Downtown Atlanta to experience some of the experiences thanks to my City Pass. In my mind I thought I would start off at the Center for Civil and Human Rights and then end my day at the College Football Hall of Fame. But after walking into the new civil rights museum; I decided to spend my entire visit there. The experience was awe inspiring.


That evening we made our way to Kings Plow for dinner by the Restaurant Group. I ate good and had a great time networking with my fellow cohorts. All in all Friday was a good day!


Saturday morning; I started my day off with a delicious breakfast and then made my way on the Public Art Tour. As an artist this was amazing. In a forthcoming post; I will share some iconic art work that helps to make Atlanta home. There’s the tribute to Congressman John Lewis, there’s the largest facial sculpture in the world of John Wesley Dobbs.


The weekend was truly a blessing because it means a lot that Sit Sum Atlanta chose me out of so many bloggers to take part in the inaugural class. It is always inspiring to connect with fellow bloggers making moves in the digital space. Most importantly it was great to see my city as a tourist; as a homegrown boy; I never really had the opportunity to see my city from that lens. Special thanks to Sit Sum Atlanta for extending an invite to!

Check out the photos below.

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