heat1It’s definitely hot in Miami. Scorching hot!

Miami Heat ballers LeBron James and Dwyane Wade took a break from all the playoff action this weekend in Miami by hitting the beach with some friends and family. The Heat has officially advanced to the NBA Eastern Conference semi-finals which start on Wednesday. But before they get back into the action, the All-Stars chose to kick back and chill and soak up some sun. No shirts required.

Check out some pics below:


It’s a good thing seeing these two in chill mode during such a stressful time as the playoffs.

Stay healthy, guys!





Their fabulous and gorgeous girlfriends, Gabrielle Union and Savannah Brinson, weren’t present at this mini vacay, but we know they’ll both be cheering the NBA Champs on as they take on the Indiana Pacers.



By the looks of things, James and Wade are ready.

Fired up and ready to go!

How do you think the Miami Heat is going to do? Can we expect another championship from the dynamic duo? Are you enjoying the playoffs?

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Pictures via Instagram.

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