Rapper Rich Homie Quan was spotted at Atlanta’s newest upscale boutique Pure Atlanta for its grand opening and the release of his latest venture a clothing line “RICH”. Big Rich Homie Quan alongside Rapper Young Thug had a great time celebrating the new boutique that promises to have the very best fashions for both women and men.


Check out the details below.

Pure Atlanta was a buzz yesterday afternoon with celebrity sightings of Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug as they lent their celerity to help celebrate the grand opening of Atlanta’s hot new shopping experience. The invite only event was all about fashion and fun.


Rich Homie Quan released his hot new clothing line “RICH” and the pieces are absolutely DOPE. If you love Quan’s flair for style you will love the pieces that are in his collection. Remember earlier this year I told you about th rapper’s latest venture. He shared that he hopes that “RICH” will add to creating a unique perspective in the fashion industry.

He shares that he was inspired by the old but wanted to create something new. He hopes that his clothing line will take off like his music career.


Looking at the pieces I see that he’s headed in the right direction. The grand opening quickly turned into an epic concert in the middle of Lenox Square Mall. Where they do that at? At Pure Atlanta of course!


Pure Atlanta’s owner Liz was so excited about the grand opening and promises that this is truly the beginning for Pure Atlanta as it relates to dope fashion events. If you want to be in the know be sure to join PURE Atlanta’s email list so you can get exclusive invites to boutique events that will infuse fashion and Hip Hop. She has five big events that’s coming up and you will want to be on the excluive “invite” list. TRUST ME!


The next time you are near Lenox Square Mall be sure to check out Pure Atlanta for the hottest pieces in fashion.

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