RollingOut Host’s Luster’s S-Curl CIAA Edition At No Grease Barbershop Featuring Dutchess Lattimore, Also Dutchess Interviews at DTLR Radio With King Flexxa.

No Grease! Logo Black History facts. The name itself No Grease! was created by the Johnson brothers. It was derived from the fact that Barbers preferred that you have a clean head of hair or no products on your hair before getting your haircut. Hence “No Grease!” 

The Character/Image was created by Jermaine Johnson. After taking a African American Theater Class in college, he was inspired by the Minstrel Show. Minstrel show also KNOWN as Black Face emerged from pre-industrial European traditions of masking and carnival. But in the US they began in the 1830s with working-class white men dressing up as plantation slaves.

These men imitated black musical and dance forms combining savage exaggeration of black Americans with genuine fondness for African American cultural forms. 

The Johnson brothers would take the name No Grease! and image and create a brand in June 1997. Simply put No Grease! represents a culture of Honest expressions.

Luster Products, Inc. is the leading African-American owned and operated manufacturer of premium personal care products servicing people of African descent worldwide. Luster Products’ brands include the Pink Brand, products for women; S-Curl, products for men; PCJ Pretty-n-Silky & Smooth Roots, children products; YOU, unisex products and Designer Touch, products for stylists.

Today, Luster Products employs more than 400 people worldwide. The products are sold nationally and internationally through a dynamic sales force and numerous retail outlets. The company’s main facility — corporate offices, plant and warehouse — is situated on 17 acres in Chicago’s Stockyard Industrial Park. An aerosol production plant is located in suburban Blue Island, Illinois. The company also has branch offices in London and South Africa.

The plant in South Africa is of great importance because it has allowed Luster Products to implement a “Virtual Company” in which business is handled through independent contractors. In the past, finished products were shipped to South Africa. Now, special blends of raw materials are shipped to South Africa through the corporate office to hand-selected and specially trained independent contractors. From there, the components are assembled and stored until they are shipped. The goal of this effort is to groom the South Africa project to become a greater and more sizable operation.

The phenomenal growth and success of Luster Products has been attributed to the business savvy and commitment of the company’s founder and first president, Fred Luster, Sr., a staff of hardworking, loyal employees and a family spirit that permeates the entire organization.

Providing Beautiful Skin to Charlotte and nearby areas of North Carolina. At Urban Skin Solutions, they don’t just treat all skin tones, they celebrate them.

For thepast ten years, they have built a reputation for treating every color of skin and providing beautiful, natural-looking results for a broad range of ethnicities throughout Charlotte.


Dutchess Interview with King Flexxa

Ke’Shawn “Flexxa” Forbes, closely identifies with his Jamaican culture. Jamaica is the beautiful island of his parents birth and where he was nicknamed “Flexxa”  because he was constantly on the move and making “flexes.”

Ke’Shawn currently serves as the DC/MD Social Brand Ambassador for Combs Enterprises—a  Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Company.  He earned this challenging yet rewarding position at the young age of 25. Flexxa represents all of Mr. Combs’s entities through the management  of brand activations, campaigns launches, marketing initiatives, and lifestyle activities


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